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So you’re thinking about hitting the open road as a professional Class A driver. And why not? Logistics careers are hot right now, and truck drivers are a key element to getting goods across the country fast. (Those Amazon boxes don’t move themselves.) But even if you already have a regular driver’s license and a […]

These days, simply showing up to work and doing a good job is unfortunately not enough to succeed in the work world. If you want to build a successful career, it's important to create a personal brand that defines you professionally. Then, you have to sell yourself. It's a lot, right? And the trouble is, […]

Today’s job market is increasingly competitive—even for the brightest and most go-getting candidates in the field. If you're over 50 and looking for a new gig amongst fields of millennials, the current state of job hunting can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to score a job or change your career, don't panic if you’re a […]

You've put in the time and work and want to see the results in your paycheck. But while just simply steeling yourself and asking might be your most direct bet, it's tough. Many of us probably would rather suffer along with our current measly salaries than actually get up the courage to face our managers […]

In this age of leaning in and working whatever hours it takes to get ahead, it can be increasingly easy to forget to take time for yourself. Doing anything but work can actually seem like laziness or self-indulgence—especially when it looks like everyone else is still working furiously while you’ve taken off for the day. […]

Want to be boss at being a boss? It's not as simple as just being a good listener and making sure everyone shows up on time. Truly great managers attract the best workers. If you're good at being in charge, you hold onto star employees and advance their careers right along with yours. Managing is not […]

College can be very stressful—especially if you're on your own for the first time. There’s suddenly so much you have to figure out that you never had to worry about before. But you can make things much easier on yourself with the help of your smartphone and a few app downloads. Here are 10 of […]

It's always scary to change jobs. But it can seem downright terrifying if you have given years (or decades!) to traveling one career path and want to make a complete switch. Don't let fear hold you back—sometimes, circumstances call for bold strokes. Whether you have a goal your current position won't allow you to reach, […]

Networking is what gets you in the door, but building real relationships with coworkers is what keeps you there and earns you respect. And you can’t really connect to people—even colleagues—if you don’t open up and share every once in a while. But sometimes the bonding goes too far. When sharing becomes oversharing, you can […]

Maybe you applied for your dream job and never heard back. Maybe you made it months into the process, and after 3 rounds of interviews finally received a rejection. Or maybe you got what you thought was the perfect job and then realized it's not the career for you. It's tough to put everything you […]