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How do you get hired to be one of the hire-ers? That’s the question facing those of you interested in becoming a human resources professional as a career. Often, we think of HR generalists as part of the machine—reading our resumes, putting together offers, brokering interviews, and sending out benefits statements. But like all other […]

We’re living in a rapidly evolving world where almost everything is done online and the very notion of privacy seems to be evaporating. Most of us are growing increasingly more comfortable having our lives made public through a variety of social networks. This new open and public approach to sharing information is affecting companies as […]

One core aspect of successfully running a business—regardless of its size or the industry it’s operating in—is keeping staff happy and motivated so that they continue to perform at effective levels. It also helps to reduce levels of employee turnover—something that strategic, forward-thinking management teams should always consider. Why is employee turnover so crucial to […]

Let’s be honest: if you have a job, you have boss issues. Even if you like your boss, even if you work well with your boss, even if you are pretty happy at work… there will inevitably be some kind of disagreement or frustration. It happens to literally everyone. When these issues pop up, whether […]

Nursing is one of the most solid career options out there right now—demand is steady, and there will always be evergreen elements of the career, like direct patient care. But how nurses provide that care is changing with the times, as qualified medical professionals are in ever-higher demand. Here are some recent trends in nursing […]

Attention millennials: Are you gearing up for a job hunt? As someone who’s young and relatively new to the world of work, you may just be starting to realize that the level of competition for available positions out there is intense—which means that you’re going to have to be at the top of your game when […]

Being a college student can be rough work—on top of juggling a heavy class load with extracurricular activities and social opportunities, many students look to take on some type of part-time employment, either to help pay for school or for extra spending money. That’s a lot to handle, and it’s exactly why students should make […]

Are you looking to take your job hunt to the next level this year? If so, then every aspect of your game needs to be razor sharp—especially your resume. Why is this so important? Along with your cover letter, your resume will serve as your first impression to prospective employers, hiring managers, and HR personnel, […]

Attention all truckers: Of course you want to do your job well, which includes getting every haul to it’s intended destination on schedule, but do you know that taking good care of yourself, both mentally and physically, is a key component of being able to do your best possible work? It’s true—truckers often work long, […]