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Scott Meacham: Confidence and courage -- not cockiness and certitude -- lead to Entrepreneurial Success

There is another side to lack of capital, and that’s when companies fail because a founder is not willing to accept capital at the cost of dilution.

Samuel Hardiman: News of store closures puts Tulsa Macy's stores on the spot

The two stores in Tulsa are about five miles and 16 minutes apart. The question arises: Does Tulsa really need two Macy's?

Business Viewpoint with Brooke Hamilton of NPI: Three tips on being an effective leader

Business leaders often talk about the need for their companies to be resilient — resilient to the economy, to industry highs and lows and even to natural disasters.

Tulsa's Best Places to Work

Each year, Tulsa Business & Legal News sponsors the Employees’ Choice Awards. Each company was selected based on recommendations from their employees and completed surveys. Magic Maids of Tulsa Jackson Technical Ross Group Nabholz Byers Creative The Rowland Group TMC DesignWorks American Waste Control BKD The McIntosh Group