Female kitchen workers at the McCormick & Schmick's seafood restaurant in downtown Boston were subjected to constant groping and lewd comments from male supervisors and co-workers, and their complaints to the company were routinely ignored, five women said in a lawsuit filed Tuesday.

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The holiday season is typically a time to gather with friends and family, reflect on the year that has passed, and think ahead to the new year— but for many folks it’s also a time to job hunt. The truth is, many companies don’t take the holidays off when seeking to fill open positions, and […]

Every year, as the weather gets colder and holiday shopping ads start appearing on TV (though admittedly those start showing up around Labor Day now), even the most diligent and focused employees find their attention wandering a bit. There’s a lot going on—travel plans, potluck food appearing like magic in the office, everyone feeling a […]

Most of us are used to a certain dynamic at work—those above us in the pecking order have typically been in the workforce longer and are older, and those below us are relatively newer to the world of work and are likely younger. However, this dynamic has effectively been thrown overboard in a wide array […]

It’s a real truism in life: We often learn best from mistakes—both our mistakes and those that others have made. Humans are creatures of “trial and error”—we bravely take risks and try out new things. Sometimes we meet success; other times we hit unexpected obstacles and find failure. This tendency to make mistakes impacts all […]

Lots of things factor into your decision making when you’re searching for a new job, and everyone has their own unique list of criteria to consider. You'll look at everything from job title and responsibilities to salary, perks, location, opportunities for growth, and more when you’re deciding if a job opening is potentially a good […]

Some fields come with perennial job openings, because basic human needs don’t change very much—healthcare and education come to mind. The legal world is like this as well. It’s an industry that will always be necessary. And if you don’t have or want a law degree, don’t worry! That’s not a barrier to breaking into […]

Anyone who takes on the role of teacher is already pretty special—educating students of all ages is not for everyone, and it can be one of the most challenging and rewarding careers out there. And if you’re thinking of becoming a special education teacher, working with students with an even greater range of learning styles, […]