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Tulsa poll: Put 'Christmas' back in downtown parade's name, majority says

More than 75 percent of 400 people surveyed favor returning to the event's traditional name.

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Posted: Saturday, December 7, 2013 12:00 am | Updated: 2:59 pm, Tue Jul 29, 2014.

Let's have a Christmas parade, for crying out loud.

That seems to be the attitude of a large majority of the Tulsans who participated in the most recent Oklahoma Poll, anyway.

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Welcome to the discussion.


  • Gordon Mills posted at 4:16 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    d-v94g-454 Posts: 5602

    Maybe the Kwaanzans, Hannukahans, and the Ramadans should just organize their own parades and call them whatever they want. Maybe the parade organizers should have just left well enough alone originally.

  • Carol Johnson posted at 3:55 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    vadasm-233 Posts: 6

    Excuse me, Ann. I'm puzzled as to the reason for your umbrage. It matters not a whit to me whether we call it a holiday parade, a Christmas Parade, or not a parade at all. That was my point. We don't have to "call" it anything to celebrate Christ. I am indeed a Christian. I may not interpret the Bible the same way you do, but that's okay. Not everyone who believes must agree. What isn't okay is to accuse someone whose opinion differs from yours of "hating" anything. Far from hating anyone or anything, I only wish to make everyone who wishes to participate feel welcome. I don't know much about Kwaanza or Hannukah or Ramadan, and that isn't at issue. Apparently you do, so I'll defer to you. But I won't hate you. Call me a liberal, a progressive--those aren't inherently derogatory any more than conservative or fundamentalist or Christian or Jew. I'm not ashamed, but I don't begrudge you any comfort you get from trying to label me.

  • Bernie Cremin posted at 3:22 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    altern-183 Posts: 6616

    is it? Is it really? Why can't we all just get along?

  • Bernie Cremin posted at 3:18 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    altern-183 Posts: 6616

    Christmas...what a time of the year
    as we commemorate in our own special way,
    and celebrate with some holiday cheer
    and relish the kids waking up early on that day...
    yes, Christmas it comes but once a year
    so go have a drink, some hot tea or cold beer

  • Bernie Cremin posted at 3:04 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    altern-183 Posts: 6616

    Celebrate in solitude, silence and contemplation...prepare...receive the gift...it is present.

    Peace on Earth

  • Barbara Purtell posted at 2:08 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    blpurt-178 Posts: 213

    All this argument about changing the name of the parade. Will the parade itself actually change any? In both parades there will be floats, elves, reindeer, maybe horses, marching bands (as someone else has already pointed out) and even Santa Claus. A strictly Christian parade would have a nativity scene and that's about it. None of the other things we associate with Christmas would appear. And changing the name of the parade wouldn't change anything else in the way we celebrate Christmas--buying presents, decorating Christmas trees, etc. etc., buying more stuff and making merchants happy. This argument has been turned into a culture war, as someone else has pointed out, again. It's not really about what is Christian and what isn't. And come on, now, how can a parade without the word "Christmas" in its title be a Muslim parade, when everything else in it is the same? And how did Islam get into this discussion anyway?

  • skobos-173 posted at 12:23 pm on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    skobos-173 Posts: 4

    I don't remember a Christmas parade, I remember the PSO Parade of Lights. Why did everyone freak out when "PSO" was replaced by "Holiday?" I guess there's no Fox News inspired "War on PSO."

  • Gordon Mills posted at 11:13 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    d-v94g-454 Posts: 5602

    GM. m̶a̶s̶

  • Gordon Mills posted at 10:52 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    d-v94g-454 Posts: 5602

    A reminder: Christmas is the reason for the season.

  • John Sakelaris posted at 10:27 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    johns-241 Posts: 1806

    There has indeed been an effort in recent decades on the part of militant secularists as they sought to make the very word Christmas disappear Thus Merry Christmas became Happy Holidays, and a Christmas break became a winter break, etc. It is part of what really is a culture war.

    Those with traditional Christian beliefs can lose this war if they pretend that it is not going on.

  • Bill Wright posted at 10:17 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    billw0-130 Posts: 970

    The Muslim parade will be held downtown and the Christmas parade will be at the Tulsa Hills....

  • Ann Franklin posted at 10:15 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    drillw-354 Posts: 1448

    Yes Carol, it does matter. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. If you don't believe, that is your right and your choice. What you do not have, is the right to tell Christians they can not celebrate Christmas as it should be - the birth of Christ.

    Being "inclusive" is nothing more than a liberal/progressive hate term for telling Christians that neither they, or Christ are welcomed in this nation today. Carol, you know that as well as I, so try being honest about this matter.

    I don't recall seeing or hearing anyone telling us that the words 'Ramadan', 'Hanukah', or 'Kwanza' should be deleted from those holidays - do you? Of course not. Only Christmas, because that word and the holiday it represents for Christians, is about God and Christ - two entities that Ramadan and Kwanza do not celebrate.

    So yes, it does matter greatly to millions of American Christians, even if you aren't among their number Carol.

  • Yvette Wiley posted at 9:59 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    y_wile-338 Posts: 9

    The current name is lame. Change it back to Christmas Parade. I definitely do not believe in Christianity, and I prefer Christmas Parade as to the lame name, Tulsa Downtown Holiday Parade of Lights. People griping about the lack of religion also need to be honest. Christmas is about being pushed by capitalism to shop and buy; shop and buy; shop and buy.......with a little religion thrown in for good measure. Get real, Christmas is more about the economy than it is religion.

    So change the name back to Tulsa Christmas Parade. Have nativity scene floats; marching bands; horses; fancy floats that toss candy to the kids and for crying out loud.....Santa Claus!!!!! Shut up and have fun.

  • Carol Johnson posted at 9:46 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    vadasm-233 Posts: 6

    Good grief. Here we go again. Does it really matter if a parade is a holiday parade or a Christmas parade? Is "400" a representative number for an area of more than 600,000 people? I wonder if any of those 400 were Jews or Muslims or any of the others who don't necessarily celebrate person we celebrate? And most importantly, why must some people feel that an effort to be inclusive is really a covert effort to "persecute" them? Seriously? I'm a Christian and a liberal. I don't care if it's a holiday parade or a Christmas parade or a solstice parade. What I do care about is that everyone who wishes to be represented IS represented.

  • David Dymond posted at 9:26 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    wvudnd-150 Posts: 549

    [smile]I tend to agree with Mr. Goldfarb---all religions have their set-aside, special days to celebrate.[beam]

  • rob morrison posted at 8:48 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    bobmo-157 Posts: 5775

    Daniel, did someone hack into your system and use it to say nice things? Or are you just getting in from your company Christmas party? Merry Christmas to you...

  • John Elwell posted at 8:41 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    tulsap-200 Posts: 12335

    In Daniel mind a majority has very little standing.

  • rob morrison posted at 8:27 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    bobmo-157 Posts: 5775

    Gordo...[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] This is a perfect example as to how comical it is to let political correctness determine decisions versus common sense.

  • John Elwell posted at 8:09 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    tulsap-200 Posts: 12335

    More division? Indeed they have. Thumb ups to you Gordon[thumbup]

  • Daniel Creel posted at 8:01 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    dtcree-661 Posts: 3705

    Since a Christmas parade is not an organized celebration by any one religious sect, it is a constitutional right as protected by the First Amendment. Besides, Christmas has become so commercialized and secular that Christ would be flabbergasted by the nonreligious trappings![smile]

    Have a Merry Christmas, one and all...(even you two curmudgeons)[wink]

  • rob morrison posted at 7:42 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    bobmo-157 Posts: 5775

    Aw oh, this story will set off the secular liberals on an Oklahoma christian bashing rant. Fire away...

  • John Elwell posted at 7:35 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    tulsap-200 Posts: 12335

    Remember one and all. The majority's opinion must always be put aside, in favor of the minority.

  • Gordon Mills posted at 6:32 am on Sat, Dec 7, 2013.

    d-v94g-454 Posts: 5602

    Amusingly ironic, in an attempt to be more inclusive the perps have created more division.

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