Mayoral hopeful Don McCorkell's personal contributions put him far ahead of the pack in money for advertising.

Tulsa's mayoral race has unleashed probably the most expensive campaign in the city's history.

Democrat Don McCorkell has reported $889,970 in campaign contributions, with $869,000 of it coming out of his own pocket, according to his campaign contribution and expenditure reports.

McCorkell's personal contribution is nearly twice the amount raised by his Democratic opponent Kathy Taylor. It is almost $90,000 more than the total amount of contributions raised by Taylor and Republican candidates Bill LaFortune, the incumbent, and Chris Medlock. The mayor's salary is $105,000 annually.

McCorkell said he has made a lot of money and that his family decided to contribute to the community. At the same time, however, he was being asked to run for mayor.

"Well, I thought that I can contribute several hundred thousands of dollars towards some building and put my name on it, or I could put it in the mayor's race and run for those people who can't make big contributions," he said.

McCorkell said he could lose, "but if we win we could make a heck of a lot more difference than just having a plaque on the side of the building somewhere."

"This is the one time in history when someone can really run and represent the working people and afford to do it," he said.

Only 21 individual donors contributed more than $200 to McCorkell's campaign. Any contribution of $200 or less does not have to be itemized.

McCorkell has already spent $798,913.71, with the bulk -- $616,637.07 -- going to radio and TV advertising.

Taylor has raised $464,904. She contributed $100,000 to her own campaign, and her husband, Bill Lobeck, contributed $5,000.

More than 230 individual donors contributed more than $200 to help her build her war chest.

"What I think my report means to Tulsa is that I have support from all corners of the city, all walks of life who believe I can move this city forward," she said.

Taylor said she thought it was important to invest in herself, "but first it was important to find out whether other people were willing to invest in me."

Taylor said that if someone is going to lead this city, "you can't just run a race to win, but you have to run a race that has a broad spectrum of people behind you to support you in your execution of your plan. You're not a leader if nobody is following."

Taylor has spent $406,762.30, with most of it -- $289,999 -- going for radio and TV advertising.

LaFortune has raised $306,514.61 and spent $275,352.98. A large amount -- $126,447.26 -- was spent on general advertising, and $64,722 was spent on radio and TV advertisements.

In LaFortune's last mayoral campaign -- in 2002 -- he had raised $417,912 by March. At that time it was more than double what former Mayor Susan Savage had taken in during the same recording period in her 1998 mayoral contest.

LaFortune could not be reached for comment.

Republican Chris Medlock has raised $28,268.07 and spent $23,934.01. Almost half -- $10,287.39 -- went to billboards. He spent $2,310 on radio ads.

Medlock said he was running his campaign the way he would run the city: "We get more out of less."

"We're catching up and gaining and feel confident of winning the primary, and we're doing it through good old-fashioned grass-roots," he said.

When asked about the amount in McCorkell's campaign chest, he said: "I thought golf was an expensive hobby."

Republican candidate Randi Miller had not filed a contributions list at the City Clerk's Office by Monday's 5 p.m. deadline. She could not be reached for comment.

The reports cover the campaign period ending Feb. 20. Reports are not required in cases where a candidate raises or spends less than $500.

State Ethics Commission Executive Director Marilyn Hughes said failure to file a required report on time is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of as much as $1,000 or as long as six months in jail.

Enforcement of ethic laws related to municipal elections is up to district attorneys, she said.

Former Tulsa County Democratic Party Chairwoman Elaine Dodd said she thinks this election is an anomaly with two "Democratic candidates with extraordinary personal wealth that have filed for mayor in the same primary."

Tulsa County Republican Party Chairman Jerry Buchanan said that "what we have here are some millionaire elitists from the Democratic Party that are quite obviously trying to buy their way into the Mayor's Office."

"What we're seeing here is a desperate attempt to take control of City Hall by the Democrats, and they're willing to spend anything that needs to be done to get that accomplished," he said.

Buchanan and Dodd agreed that the issue of campaign financing should be examined.

Dodd said a mechanism is needed to ensure that people don't have to self-fund their campaigns or rely heavily on others, "if we are truly interested in having the playing field level for all persons."

"But just as I don't want people who don't have personal wealth to be exempt from the process, I don't think we can exempt those who do have personal wealth," she said.

Buchanan said this type of high-dollar campaign stifles individuals who have a passion to run but don't have checkbooks to back that up.

"It keeps good qualified people from running against the deep-pockets," he said.

In City Council District 9, Republican candidates Jeff Stava and Cason Carter lead in contributions. Carter has reported raising $39,910, and Stava has $40,075. Both have spent roughly $15,000.

In the District 2 race, Republican Paul Prather raised $32,415, with Republican Rick Westcott raising $7,125.

District 3 Democratic challenger David Patrick, a former city councilor, has raised $19,796, and incumbent Councilor Roscoe Turner has raised $10,282.

The rest of the council candidates have raised less than $20,000.

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Brian Barber 581-8322



Democrat Don McCorkell has raised $889,970, but $869,000 is of his own money. He has spent $798,913.71.

McCorkell received $2,720 in contributions of $200 or less. Among his other donors were Mandell and Karen Matheson, Norma and John Eagleton, Doug Fox, Eugene and Frances Pace, Bradley and Nancy Beasley, David Johnson, Jim Hew-gley III, who each gave $250; R.D. Langenkamp, Gary Allison, Larry Byrd, Carolyn Sales, David Riggs, Sandra Langenkamp, who each gave $500; Mary Athens, who gave $750; Jon McCorkell and George Charlton, who each gave $1,000; Clayton E. Woodrum, who gave $1,100; George and Edwynne Krumme and James R. Tolbert III, who each gave $2,500; and Joseph L. Parker Jr., who gave $5,000.

Democrat Kathy Taylor has raised $464,904 and spent $406, 762.30. She did not total her donations of $200 or less.

Among her donors of more than $200 were Keith Ballard, Julius Bankoff, Megan Been, Gary Betow, Roger Blais, Mark Blongewicz, Elisabeth Blue, Sean Burrage, Kenneth Busby, Charles Cissel, Samuel Combs III, Katherine Coyle, John Crittenden, William Eagleton, Dennis Eatman, David Finer, Becky Frank, Frank Frasier, Jimmy Goodman, Kevin Gordon, Mark Grossman, James Grube, John Mickey Imel, Susan Kimball, John Martens, Lynwood Moore Jr., William Murphy, Kara Neal, David Newsome Jr., James Norton, Kathleen Petrikin, Amy Polonchek, Sherry Remy, Lisa Riggs, John Rothman, Clinton Stone, Morey Villareal, Tom Walker, Candace Williams, Richard Wheatley and the Crowe and Dunlevy PAC, who each gave $250; Nina Butkin, William Doyle III, who each gave $300; Doug Campbell, Donald Carlisle, who each gave $400; Henry Aberson, Barry Benoit, Steve Berlin, Kirk Clausing, Paul Coury, Dianne Dericks, Mece Eller, Dan Ellinor, Charles Faudree, Debra Bayouth Favell, the Victor O. Flegler Revocable Trust, Robert Frame, the Steve Gerkin Revocable Trust, Robert Gilbert, Donald Himelfarb, Jeanette Kern, Frederick Koontz, Paula Kuykendall, Simon Levit, Janet Levit, David Littlefield, Dan Lynch, Greg Main, Dennis Maltby, Jason Marten, Steve Mitchell, Judy Morse, Theodore Mundt, Julie Blankenship Mundt, Brooke Murphy, Jo Ann Murray, Julie Norman, Larry Oliver, the William G. Paul Revocable Trust, Charles Pulley, Camille Quinn, Thomas Santorelli, Susan Savage, Howard Schwartz, Meredith Siegfried, Patrick Sisemore, Susan Staudt, Michael Stewart, Robert Stewart, Roger Stong, Clayton Taylor, Patrick Waddel, Tamara Wagman and James Weger, who each gave $500; Andrew Turner, who gave $550; C.S. Lewis III, who gave $700; Anthony Aaronson, Michael Barkely, Judith Blackwell, Bruce Bartovick, Bruce Bolzle, David Boren, Peter Boylan, Marilyn Bush, Janice Chevaillier, Annie Clark, Robert Curry, Timothy Davis, the William Emmer Revocable Trust, Michael Gibbens, Jim Gipson, Patrick Gordon, Stefanie Grimm-Atherton, Denise Hartman, Diane Heaton, Steve Hildebrand, Burt Holmes, Joel Jankowsky, Andrew Kinslow, Thomas Kivisto, George Kravis II, Carol Lackey, Larry Lee, Bruce Magoon, John Massey, Frank McDonald, Gloria McFarland, Chip Meade, Arcadio Neira, the Ruth Kaiser Revocable Trust, Sandra Norman, Thomas O'Brien III, Greg Owens, C.E. Patterson, Gene Rainbolt, James Rodgers, Steven Stidham, Philip Tholen, John Tucker, Arthur Tucker, Susan Turpen, Barbara VanHanken, Vicki Vaniman, Roger Wheeler Jr. and Harold Zuckerman, who each gave $1,000; David Charney, Philip Faubert, Pete Kourtis, Kathy Neal, Robert Peterson, Beth Price, Greg Simmons, Peter Walter, Robert Souza, Steve Wright and Maxine Zarrow, who each gave $1,500; Ben Abney, Melissa Atkinson, Glen Bunney, Tyler Best, the Patricia Cappy Revocable Trust, Robert Coretz, George Dotson, Jerry Dow, Margaret Erling Frette, Steven Ganzkow, Tammie Maloney, Kyle Tresch, Paul Wilson and the Bank of Oklahoma Financial Corporation PAC, who each gave $2,000; Mike Boyd, Tom Clark, Barry Davis, Karen Davis, Sharon King Davis, James East, James Frasier, Richard Hudson, George Kaiser, Thomas Kennedy, the Vincent LoVoi Revocable Trust, Jodi McQueen, Nancy Meinig Revocable Trust, Peter Meinig Revocable Trust, Doug Pielsticker, Sandra Rodolf, Richard Sevenoaks, Milann Siegfried, Daniel Zeligson and the Karen P. Zeligson Revocable Trust, who each gave $2,500; Jack Allen Jr. and Ronald King, who each gave $3,000; Jeff Parell and Thomas Snyder, who each gave $4,000; David Adams, Ellen Adelson, Thomas Atkinson, Billie Barnett, James Bertelsmeyer, Matthew Coughlin III, Joseph Craft III, Leonard Eaton Jr., Donna Hardesty, Stephen Heyman, Jay Loy Helm, Daniel Holeman, James Kincaid, William Lobeck, Alexandra Nash, Jack Neely, Leroy Parker, Joseph Parker, Jr., Joseph Parker Sr., Sammy Parker, George Singer, LJS Revocable Trust, Kip Richards, Hal Salisbury, Rick Siegfried, Al Swanner, Joe and Denise Seminetta through Premier Asset Management LLC, Kitty Frame through Kitty Frame LLC, Stuart Price through APEX LLC and David Adelson, Jim Adelson, Robert Adelson and Tom Adelson each through Bro-Ad Energy LLC, who each gave $5,000; Kathy Taylor, who gave $100,000.

Republican incumbent Bill LaFortune has raised $309,514.61 and spent $275,352.98.

LaFortune has reported $8,694 worth of contributions of $200 or less. Among his other cash donors were Donald Atkins, David and Molly Boren, Tim Crawford, Becky Frank, Joe Gaudet, William Hanks, Charles and Shirley Hawkins, Jenk Jones Jr., Kevin L. Jordan, Edward Keller, Paul and Anita Lanier, Joe McGraw, Robert and Julie Miles, Charles Mills, Kris and Jerry Nichols, James Norton, Thomas and Donna Reynolds, Robert and Toni Rizley, Curtis and Susan Roberts, Stacy Schusterman and Paul and Freda Thornbrugh, who each gave $250; John R. Arend, Rick and Janet Nelson, Jeanne Russell, L.H. Veltman, Peter Walter, and G. Michael Bird, who each gave $300; Andy and Sherri Allen, John and Susan Arnold, John and Anne Barry, John and Ludi Beasley, Brick Town West LLC, Albert and Marilyn Bush, Cameron and Associates, Ann Shannon Cassidy, John Cassidy Jr., Sam Daniel, Steve and Ruthie Duenner, the John Favell Revocable Trust, John A. Gaberino Jr., Eileen Rooney Hewgley, James Hewgley, Robert Irwin, Robert Johnson, King Kirchner, Thomas and Carol Klenda, Phillip and Paula LaFortune, Robert and Cheryl LaFortune, Sandra Langenkamp, Philip Lauinger Jr., Jeff Lund, Pat Malloy, Mark J. Marra, David McAfee, Terry McAfee, Oklahoma AGC PAC, Donne Pitman, Frank R. Rhoades, John Rooney, E.A. Schermerhorn, Thomas Schroedter, Sid Shupack, Bryan and Ann Smith, Stone Creek Commercial Center LLC, Dave Sylvan, Ray and Rhonda Thomas, Thomas and Janet Thompson Jr., Donald E. Walker, West Madison Place LLC and John Williams, who each gave $500; Wood Creek Villages LLC, Cypress Creek LLC and Stone Creek Partners LLC, which each gave $750; Select Property Development LLC, which gave $800; Polly Properties, James Bird, John Brock, Arnold and Patricia Brown, SBC Cooper, Paul Cornell, Art Couch, John S. Cowen, Fred Daniel Jr., Lonny Davis, Gentner F. Drummond, Bill and Daryl Eaton, Robert and Dianna Eggleston, Guthery Family Investments, George Kaiser, John LaFortune, Ken Kelly, Julie Miles, Larry and Sandy Mocha, PAC (unidentified), Charles Patterson, Tim and Kay Phoenix, Richard Pringle, the Robert Thomas Revocable Trust, George Seibold, Leslie and Phyllis Simmons, Kenneth and Elisabeth Wagner, Daryl and Linda Woodard, Robert Price, and Joel Wohlgemuth, who each gave $1,000; J.R. McGraw, Warren G. Morris, Richard Sevenoaks, Jon Stuart, who each gave $1,500; Steven Alter, who gave $1,750; BOK Financial Corporation PAC, Robert Griffin, Bill Inhofe, J.A. LaFortune Jr., Joseph Massad, Richard and Sara Minshall, Masoud and Lari Moazami, Ruth Nelson and Milam Siegfried, who each gave $2,000; Howard Barnett Jr., Jeffery Davis, David Duncan, Melissa Eyler, Jay L. Helm, David and Clydella Hentschel, Henry G. Kleemeier Trust, Ray Miller, Brad Storey, Suzanne Warren, W.K. Warren and Mary Wilcox, who each gave $2,500; A.H. and Sharon McElroy and Realtors PAC, who each gave $3,000; Paula Marshall, who gave $3,500; Robert J. LaFortune, who gave $4,500; John Baker, Joe Cappy, Mike Case, James and Suzana Cavanaugh, Joe and Kathy Craft, Anthony B. Davis, John and Alene Davis, J. Scott Dickman, Jeffery Ducato, Beverly K. Edwards, Benjamin Gibbs, Eddy Gibbs, Edward Gibbs, Emmett Hahn, W.H. Helmerich, Frank X. Henke III, Kimberlee and Daniel Jordan, Dennis Lee, Joseph Moran III, Tulsa Firefighters PAC, Gerald Murphy, Robert Patterson, Henry Primeaux, John Robson, Alma Robson, Laurie Ross, Rick Siegfried, James and Janet Stover, Mollie Williford and Henry Zarrow, who each gave $5,000.

LaFortune listed in-kind donations from Robert Johnson, $220; Rabon Martin, $250; David Littlefield, $421.48; Hal and Patty Walker and Tom Warren, $606 each; Sandy Cardin, $1,000; Joe McGraw and Michael Fusco, $1,200 each; Tom Clark, $1,935.56; and Matt Davis and Zach Davis, $3,750 each.

Republican Chris Medlock has raised $28,268.07 and spent $23,934.01. He reported $4,918.91 worth of contributions $200 or less.

Among Medlock's other donors were Randall and Lori Herbel, Dale and Kathy Whiteis, Robert and Barbara Pinney, and Laurie Gnad, who each gave $250; Marcia MacLeod, Mike and Libby Nash, Suzi Byrd, Lee Levinson and Bryan Sidlinger, who each gave $500; Lloyd Noble II, who gave $900; Pat Coston, Larry Brown and Mark Nagle, who each gave $1,000; Chris and Martha McCool, who gave $2,000; Jim Rice, who gave $2,200; Ken Sellers, who gave $3,074; Brad Colvard, who gave $3,690.83; and State Source LLC, which gave $4,984.33.

Republican Brigitte Harper has raised $1,555 and spent $1,384.48. She reported $1,055 worth of contributions $200 or less. Her only donor above that amount was the United Black Republican Coalition, which gave $500.

District 2

Republican Paul Prather has raised $32,415 and spent $15,272.52. He reported $5,335 worth of contributions $200 or less and a carryover balance of $1,830. Among his other donors were Greg Graham, Joe and Emily Brandt, John Harper and Darrel A. Kelsey, who each gave $250; William W. O'Connor, who gave $300; Tom Greiner, who gave $400; Elizabeth Ann Forbes, Johnnie L. Reaves, Richard E. Wright, Stanley A. Smith and Jon Prather, who each gave $500; Robert C. Poe, who gave $600; Frederic Dorwart, who gave $700; Bruce Edge, who gave $750; Alexandra Nash, BOK Financial Corporation PAC, George B. Kaiser, Jay Helm, Jeanna Sellmeyer, James Adelson, John A. Brock, John L. Reaves, Realtors PAC of Oklahoma and Anthony B. Davis, who each gave $1,000; Mary Bumgarner and John Bumgarner, who each gave $1,500; Stephen J. Heyman, Darton and Jamie Zink and James C. Leake III, who each gave $2,000.

Republican Rick Westcott has raised $7,125.14 and spent $5,800.65. He reported $5,458 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Matthew Dowty, Stacy Richardson and Kent Faith, who each gave $250; Kenny J. Smith, who gave $400; Jason Bennett, Patrick Carter, Suzi and Larry Byrd, Terri Westemeir and Lee I. Levinson, who each gave $500; Lloyd Noble, who gave $800; and Ed Ash, who gave $1,000.

District 3

Democrat David Patrick has raised $19,796.37 and spent $7,682.86. He reported $4,620 worth of contributions $200 or less and a carryover balance of $1,576.37 from previous campaigns. Among his other donors were Joe Westervelt and Jim Cameron, who each gave $250; Randy Sullivan, who gave $300; Gary Watts and W.E. Dryer, who each gave $500; Robert Poe, who gave $800; Joseph Parker, BOK Financial Corporation PAC, Jhon Brock, Chip McElroy and Joseph Graham, who each gave $1,000; George B. Kaiser and Realtor PAC, who each gave $1,500; and John Bumgarner, who gave $3,000.

Democrat incumbent Roscoe Turner has raised $10,282 and spent $4,669.06. He reported $5,522 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Charles Richardson and Amos Adetula, who each gave $250; Elaine Dodd, who gave $260; Tulsa Firefighters Local 176 PAC, Jorge Prats, Frank Henke III and Kermit Hoffmeier, who each gave $500; and Nick Lehman and Larry Brown, who each gave $1,000.

Republican Gerald A. Rapson has raised $178.35 but has spent $697.13.

District 4

Democrat Maria Barnes has raised $2,965.80 and spent $1,949.63. She reported $1,300 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among her other donors were Margeret Perrault and David White, who each gave $200; Laurie Tilley, who gave an in-kind donation of $265.80; and Ron Edwards and James R. Perrault, who each gave $500.

Democrat Jack Wing has raised $8,285 and spent $3,547. He reported $1,635 worth of donations $200 or less. Among his other donors were Curtis Long, Gerald Bradley, Art Justis, Mike Boyd and Joe Gaudet, who each gave $250; Paul Coury, who gave $300; John Woolman, J.R. McGraw, Daniel Brown, A.H. McElroy and Robert Doenges, who each gave $500; Robert Poe, who gave $600; and John Brock and Dow Z. Helmerich, who each gave $1,000.

Republican Rick Brinkley has raised $9,125 and spent $2,862.69. He reported $3,625 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Donald Burdick, Rob Hart, Connie Entwistle, Debbie Kendall and Donna Weinkauf, who each gave $500; and Kathryn Richards, John Gaebel and Charles Howard, who each gave $1,000.

District 5

Republican incumbent Bill Martinson has raised $11,049.92 and spent nothing. He reported $1,200 worth of contributions $200 or less and a carryover balance of $149.92 from his previous campaign.

Among his other donors were Randall Sullivan, Roy Ferguson, Allison Hunt, Robert and Deborah Cline, Jim McKellar and Kathleen W. Beard, who each gave $250; A.H. McElroy II, David Adams and Richard Hudson, who each gave $500; Robert C. Poe, who gave $700; Stacy Schusterman, George B. Kaiser, BOK Financial Corporation PAC, John Brock, John Bumgarner and Mary Ann Bumgarner, who each gave $1,000.

Republican John Gregory Madden III has raised $352.59 and spent the same amount.

Democrat Jon Kirby has raised $3,023.92 and spent $2,186.19. He reported $1,373.92 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Steve Hickman, who gave $250; Jon Kirby, giving $400; the Northeastern Oklahoma Labor Council, which gave $500; and FBI Local 523, which gave $500.

District 6

Republican Theresa Buchert has raised $18,059.31 and has spent $8,373.31. She reported $6,109.31 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among her other donors were Patty Eaton, Robert Smith and Ken Shoemaker, who each gave $250; Peter Buchert, Velvetta Madden, Jeana Madden, Mark McGuire and Tom McGuire, who each gave $500; Robert Poe, who gave $700; and Muriel R. Buchert, Patrick Guest, John A. Brock, George Kaiser, BOK Financial Corporation PAC, Virginia Allen, Tommy Thompson and the Realtors PAC; who each gave $1,000.

District 7

Republican John Eagleton has raised $17,255 and spent $15,408.78. He reported $5,155 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other doners were Polly Eagleton, W. Kirk Clausing, Steve Overturf, Jim and Ann McKeller and Michael Barkley, who each gave $250; Larry and Sandy Mocha, who gave $350; Marc and Dena Price, who gave $500; and John Eagleton and James Eagleton, who each gave $5,000.

Republican Gary Zarley has raised $4,725 and spent $2,014.21. He reported $475 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Ronald Bradshaw, who gave $250; P. Michael Kindinger, Leonard J. Eaton Jr, Robert C. Poe and George Kaiser, who each gave $500; and BOK Financial Corporation PAC and Williamson Company, which each gave $1,000.

District 8

Republican incumbent Bill Christiansen has raised $15,838.24 and spent $5,000. He reported $3,260 worth of contributions $200 or less and a carryover balance of $69.88 from his previous campaign. Among his other donors were John D. Benjamin, Rich Blase, Faye Hutcherson, the Forest Meadows Homeowners Association, and Glen and Jeannine Terry, who each gave $250; Michael T. Peyton, George and Rachel Gibbs, Louis and Sharon Jensen, Ronald E. Davis and Rick Hudson, who each gave $500; Robert C. Poe, who gave $800; Michael and Carla Covey, who gave $958.36; and John and Deborah Hale, Marcia and Ron Macleod, BOK Financial Corporation PAC, John A. Brock, and George B. Kaiser, who each gave $1,000; and Laurie Ross, who gave $2,000.

Republican Clifford Magee has raised $6,500 and spent $6,361.26. He listed $1,050 in contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Lloyd Noble, who gave $250; Alvin Howerton, who gave $300; Jim Sorem, who gave $400; Jim Bollinger and Suzi Byrd, who each gave $500; William Cunningham, who gave $1,000; and Rick Siegfried, who gave $2,500.

District 9

Republican Cason Carter has raised $39,910 and spent $15,708.24. He reported $12,660 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Renee DeMoss, John R. Barker, Michael and Cathey Barkley, Frank X. Henke IV, Jim and Ann McKellar, Robert J. Sullivan Jr., Joseph W. Morris, Katherine G. Coyle, Theodore Q. and Judy Eliot, Jason and Andi Doyle, Ronny G. Altman, John A. Gaberino Jr., John L. Arrington, James A. Cherry Bost, William B. and Janene Jones, Raphael Prober and Henry Zarrow, who each gave $250; Howard and V.H. Cunningham, Roger and Claudia T. Siemens, James M. Hewgley Jr., Adam and Valerie Schimel and E.A. Schermerhorn, who each gave $300; Hank and Nancy Fowler, Jeremiah O. Norton, David E. Keglovits, Jerry and Joy Greer, Gerald and Alissa Hurley, David Jankowsky, Larry Houchin, Lynwood R. and Paula B. Moore, J. Patrick Carter, Jeanette H. Kern, Paul Lackey Jr., Ronald and Lindsay Hurley Fick, Donnie Pittman, Randy Olmstead, James Bertelsmeyer, Jerry and Donna Clark, Matthew and Renee Pride, Mike and Patsy Case, Warren G. Morris, Jack Allen, Jeanette H. Kern, W.K. and Margo Dunbar, Clark Millspaugh, Richard Vandermass, Benjamin Singletary and John and Barbara Turner, who each gave $500; James Sturdivant, Charles and Janet Lambert, Paul Compton, David and Clydella Hentschel, Samjay and Julie Meshri, Joel and Carol Jankowsky, Robert Hudson, Jay Helm and Steven and Barbara Lambert, who each gave $1,000.

Republican William J. Stava III has raised $40,075 and spent $15,429.30. He reported $2,975 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were John Favel, Richard Haught, Grant Hinch, Michael and Lucia Lewis, Jerry and Barbara Reeves, Jerry Zimmerman, James and Alice Rodgers and David and Ginger Veitch, who each gave $250; Douglas Johnson, who gave $300; Scott Veitch, who gave $400; Michael Cole, Michael Thornbrugh, Paul Kallenberger, Greg and Carol Owens, Phil Marsh and Hastings Siegfried, who each gave $500; Bob Poe, who gave $900; Ted and Kim Osgood, Russ and Donna Vanderslice, Burt Holmes, Sarah and Grant Stewart, Matthew Henderson, BOK Fiancial Corporation PAC, George Kaiser and Denny Hartman, who each gave $1,000; Matthew and Kelly Stava, Chip McElroy and Pauline Stava, who each gave $2,500; Ben Johnson, Jeff Stava and John and Sandy Stava, who each gave $5,000.

City Auditor

Democrat incumbent Phil Wood has raised $13,568 and spent $722.49 He reported $4,918 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other donors were Fred Dorwart, James E. Frasier, Ellen Hartman, Tex Hartman, George Schnetzer and Mary Lhevine, Gary and Linda Watts, and Charles V. Wheeler, who each gave $250; Charles and Jeanne Froeb, who gave $400; Steve Berlin, Robert D. Magers, Ruth Nelson, Kathy Taylor, Hugh Watson and Jack and Maxine Zarrow, who each gave $500; E.L. Weeks, who gave $1,000; and George and Edwynne Krumme, who gave $2,500.

Republican Michael Willis has raised $12,647.47 and spent $2,801.09. He reported $3,289.95 worth of contributions $200 or less. Among his other cash donors were Mandell and Karen Matheson and Marie Staiger, who each gave $200; Frank X. Henke IV, who gave $250; Cathy Willis, who gave $400; Marvin and Norma Willis, who gave $500; and Oklahoma First PAC, which gave $2,000. In-kind donations listed were Michael Willis, $306.52; Elliot Nelson, $350; Chris Wright, $500; Sean Griffin and Kristen Bergman, $950; and Jeff Beasley, $4,100.

Those who did not file campaign contributions and expenditures reports include mayoral candidates James Alexander Jr., Accountability Burns, Prophet Kelly Clark and James Oliver Desmond Jr., who are Democrats; Benford Faulk and Paul Tay, who are independents; and Randi Miller, who is a Republican. Also, District 1 candidates Jack Henderson and Roger Lowry, who are Democrats; District 4 candidates Charles McKinnon, a Democrat, and Kent Morlan, a Republican; District 5 candidates Douglas Linson, who is a Republican, and Albert Nichols Jr., who is a Democrat; District 6 candidates Jim Mautino, a Republican, and Dennis Troyer, a Democrat; District 7 candidate Robert A. Gwin, a Republican; and District 9 candidate Phil Kates, a Democrat.