GLENPOOL — Hundreds of residents in blue Warrior apparel lined Fern and 141st Street to kickoff homecoming week’s festivities in Glenpool on Monday night.

The celebrations began with a parade, followed by a carnival.

The Glenpool High School band lead the procession followed by the homecoming attendants sitting on convertibles, students on horseback, decorated trailers carrying cheerleaders and football players and more. Children chased after parade candy and family and friends waved as their loved ones passed on a float.

Following the parade, the crowds shifted to Glenpool’s football stadium near 151st and Warrior Road for the carnival. There, school organizations and booster clubs ran different activities to raise money. For example, the vocal department operated the inflatables, the high school football team sold hamburgers but one group garnered much attention — the high school soccer team.

Senior team member Sergio Perez was standing in a cage framed with chicken-wire with large protective goggles on. A line of students were purchasing eggs for $1 each and throwing them at the soccer player.

The shells shattered when hitting the wire but the gooey eggs projected through. Head coach Joel Riffle said, “This is the first year we are doing it. We got 240 eggs and we are hoping to sell out.”

He borrowed the idea from the Jenks Wrestling team. If the team didn’t sell all eggs, Riffle said, “Any dollar we make is a good dollar.”

Homecoming ceremonies begin prior to Friday’s high school football game versus Oologah at 6:30 p.m. The game begins at 7 p.m. For more information visit

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