Recently departed "Entertainment Tonight" host John Tesh didn't just work

at "E.T." According to a Ferndale, Mich., group, he is E.T.

"John Tesh is an alien. He's an advance guard of the alien

army," says Kenny Five, one of the leaders of the National

Anti-Tesh Action Society. NATAS works in cooperation with a company

called Mag Stunt Team Five that conducts UFO research.

Over the weekend, NATAS handed out 2,000 flyers that screamed

"John Tesh is an Alien" and described Tesh as an "interplanetary

mole" for an alien delegation called Echelon. The group also staged

a rally outside Detroit's Fox Theatre, where Tesh performed last

weekend. Tesh, who is married to actress Connie Sellecca, gave up

his "Entertainment Tonight" stint to spend more time on his concert career.

"We have videos and photos that show John present at UFO

sightings," the thirtysomething Kenny Five says.