WHAT: "Revenge."

KEY PERFORM- ERS: Kevin Costner, Anthony Quinn, Madeleine


RATING: R. Violence, sex scenes.

WHERE: Promenade, Movies 8, Sand Springs and Broken Arrow

Cinema 8.

A hotshot pilot zooms and climbs and rolls and skims his

fighter plane over the desert landscape, infuriating his

terrified passenger. What is this - "Top Gun II"?

No, it's the opening sequence of "Revenge," directed by

Tony Scott who also did "Top Gun." Like many graduates

from TV commercials, he seems to be bashing the audience

over the head with a 2-by-4 and saying, "Now that I have

your attention, let's get on with the story."

The story that Scott and writers Jim Harrison and Jeffrey

Fiskin are telling is the classic triangle: powerful older

husband, beautiful young wife, husband's best friend. Since

the men are Anthony Quinn and Kevin Costner and their mutual

love is stunning Madeleine Stowe, the film rises above formula.

Costner is the Vietnam veteran who has flown Quinn, a wealthy,

ruthless power baron in rural Mexico, on hunting trips.

After retiring from the Navy, Costner accepts an invitation

to visit Quinn's baronial estate.

Quinn's neglected wife appears, and a romance with Costner

is inevitable.

The romance remarkably goes undetected by Quinn. But when

the lovers elope to Costner's hideaway cabin, Quinn follows

with his henchman to seek vengeance against Costner.

What saves "Revenge" from bathos is the screen presence

of the three stars, as well as an expert supporting cast.

After only a few films, Costner has established himself

as the screen's most compelling star (anyone who could make

"Field of Dreams" believable deserves that title). He

can even stand up to Tony Quinn.