NEWKIRK (AP) - State inspectors are expected to have

reports of a court-ordered visit to an unlicensed substance

abuse center prepared for an October meeting of the state

Mental Health Board, officials say.

Rosemary Brown, a Mental Health Department spokesman, said

Tuesday that the agency's findings concerning the Narconon

Chilocco New Life Center will be prepared about two weeks

the Oct. 18 meeting.

A staff recommendation on whether the facility should be

certified will be made after Narconon has had a chance to

respond to the report, Brown said.

Narconon, which has been accepting patients since February,

did not apply for certification with the department until

last month. Inspectors were planning to visit Narconon in

November and have a recommendation in time for the January

meeting of the mental health board.

But District Judge Neal Beekman, asked by the state Department

of Health to close Narconon until the center obtained state

certification and licensing, earlier this month ruled officials

should decide on certification at the board's October meeting.

The judge allowed Narconon, located on the grounds of the

old Chilocco Indian School, to continue operating, but prohibited

the facility from accepting new patients until it obtained

necessary state certification and licensing.