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Texas oilman and Oklahoma State University benefactor Boone Pickens stands Wednesday with a wall of magazine covers at the Dallas offices of his company, BP Capital Fund Advisors. Pickens is scheduled to speak at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on Thursday, his 87th birthday. ADAM WILMOTH/The Oklahoman

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Boone Pickens will celebrate his 87th birthday today with a full day of traveling, speaking to presidential candidates, and scouring over oil and natural gas production and demand figures.

In other words, it’s a typical day for the oilman, prognosticator and Oklahoma State University benefactor. Decades beyond retirement age, Pickens shows no signs of slowing.

Working long hours at the expense of his sleep schedule is as common for Pickens as his OSU orange.

When Pickens’ oldest daughter was born, he began losing sleep from helping with her at night and working all day. He complained to his doctor, but received a less-than-warm response.

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