The state of Oklahoma is ranked second nationally in total wind generation, according to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s 2020 report on electric transmission capacity.

Delivered recently to the Oklahoma Legislature and Gov. Kevin Stitt, the report also notes that the state has undergone $2.3 billion in transmission upgrades since 2010.

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In 2010, the Oklahoma Legislature declared it to be in the public interest to promote wind energy development and the installation of a robust transmission grid to facilitate delivery of renewable energy and improve reliability of the transmission system. In addition, the Legislature tasked the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to develop a plan, in cooperation with the Southwest Power Pool, to expand transmission capacity in the state and monitor the construction of new transmission facilities.

The Southwest Power Pool is one of nine Independent System Operators/Regional Transmission Organizations that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission mandated to ensure a reliable power supply, adequate transmission infrastructure and competitive wholesale electricity prices.

The Corporation Commission also reported that 44 commercial wind energy facilities have been installed in Oklahoma and that 48 others have filed a notice to build. In the latest annual ranking, in 2018, Oklahoma is third nationally in installed wind capacity and fourth in the number of installed wind turbines.

As of 2018, wind generation accounted for $23.5 million dollars in state and local tax revenue, $20 million to $30 million in annual land lease payments and more than 7,000 jobs. The report also notes that the state’s wind generation provides enough electricity to power the equivalent of 2.6 million homes.

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