(Listed by owner, tenant or building. This weekly update lists new commercial construction, expansions and enlargements of more than $50,000. Information from initial applications is subject to change. Dollar amount for alterations is valuation provided by applicant.)

19-028223 — Chick-fil-A #02089 — Tulsa Hills, 7129 S. Olympia Ave., addition, $535,038.40.

The new cost for doing business in Tulsa.

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19-024884 — QuikTrip, 10028 S. Memorial Drive, new, $531,275.06.

19-025001 — QuikTrip, 10028 S. Memorial Drive, accessory structure, $148,874.60.

19-024596 — Valley National Bank Building, 110 N. Elgin Ave., alteration, $300,000.

19-034780 — Drexel Academy, 1 W. 36th St. North, alteration-priority, $70,000.

19-028353 — Santa Fe, 414 E. First St., alteration, $75,000.

19-034464 — Health Facilities Group, 320 S. Boston Ave., alteration-priority $65,000.


(From Tulsa County Clerk’s Office filings)

Filed July 1

19-059090 — Cregg Gaines, Mac Trucking, 1916 S. 140th East Ave., dump truck business.

Filed July 2

19-058334 — Russell J. Burkhart, Burkhart Resource Development, 3539 S. Darlington Ave., business consulting and related services.

Filed July 5

19-059394 — Odester Hall, Good Company, 503 E. 27th St. North, info-tainment.


Filings classified as “business” in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma, and which also list “business” as nature of debt on bankruptcy document.)

None filed.

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