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What motivated you to get out of journalism and work for KKT Architects?

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I knew I wanted to be a journalist since sixth grade when my teacher assigned a report that we gave as newscasters. I was an editor for my high school newspaper and jumped right into my journalism major at Saint Michael’s College. Fifteen years into my career, I found a new passion: real estate development. It was the only thing I wanted to cover in the news. Telling the stories of the fascinating projects and transformations in Tulsa pushed me to begin to look for a way to focus on that 100%.

I have worked with and know Andy Kinslow and Sarah Gould from KKT Architects on several stories, and their dedication to Tulsa always impressed me. When I found out about their open business development position, I jumped on it immediately. It is an absolute dream come true. I feel so lucky to be able to pair my love for Tulsa with my love for building relationships every single day.

You spent a lot of time in front of the camera in TV news. Do you enjoy being recognized in public?

Some television personalities find being recognized in public difficult, but for me it was proof that people in the news industry make a difference. People regularly thanked me for what we did to keep the public informed. Being the “news lady” always brought a smile to my face knowing that in some way the public felt a true bond with the teams at my stations throughout the years.

You attended an all-girls Catholic school in Baltimore. What’s your best Catholic school story?

Attending an all-girls Catholic school was one of the best experiences of my life. The pressures that come with high school can be tremendous, and not worrying about what to wear or what boy might like me gave me extreme confidence. I learned how to be a strong, independent woman. My girlfriends from high school are still my best friends in the entire world. Also, the nuns loved me. I wasn’t the best at going by the rules of uniform and sock length, but Sister Marion still told me I was going to be president one day. My poor sister wasn’t so lucky. Her socks got her regular detention.

After spending many years in school and work out east, what was your biggest adjustment moving to Oklahoma?

I would have to say my biggest adjustment moving to Oklahoma was getting used to how friendly and inviting everyone is here. I first experienced that type of hospitality in 2005, when I moved from New York City to Topeka, Kansas. In broadcast journalism everyone starts in a small town. I remember arriving in Topeka and seeing only a huge water tower and corn fields. I almost turned the car around. To my surprise, my time there ended up being some of the best of my broadcast career and I knew in my heart I would be back.

How would you describe your ideal night in T-Town?

A great night starts with an outdoor dinner where you can take in Tulsa’s beautiful skyline, followed by live music at Guthrie Green or any of our fantastic music venues, followed by the best ice cream I’ve ever had at Rose Rock Creamery at the Boxyard.

Tulsa is so incredibly special with so much to offer, and once you’re here you never want to leave.

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