Reddit user TheEmperorOfJenks created this 3D printed topographic map of Oklahoma and posted it to the site. Its elevation has been significantly exaggerated. THE Oklahoman

Late last month, a curious photo showed up on Reddit, the massively popular social media website that acts like a topic-based message board and calls itself “the front page of the internet.”

The slightly out-of-focus image shows a plastic cutout shaped like Oklahoma. It has hills and valleys and elevation changes as the Panhandle rises to meet the Rockies.

Reddit user TheEmperorOfJenks used a 3D printer to make the topographical map and shared it with a Tulsa-themed part of the website, the r/tulsa subreddit.

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TheEmperorOfJenks, whose hometown is Tulsa, didn’t want to be identified but answered a few questions about the post that made rounds on social media.

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