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Alex Gavrilov stands near a one of his company’s trash containers painted with the new Tulsa flag at a client’s home in Broken Arrow. Gavrilov, the owner of A to B Hauling, rents out several containers painted with Oklahoma-centric designs. MATT BARNARD/Tulsa World

Alex Gavrilov is bucking the trend of rental garbage containers being monotone, save for perhaps a phone number printed on the side.

“I love art and wanted to use that giant wall space that I have on my dumpsters to do something fun,” he said.

Gavrilov, owner of A to B Hauling, teamed up with artists to adorn the typically bland containers with locally inspired artwork. One dumpster incorporates the state flag, another the new Tulsa flag.

There is also a “Stay Gold” bin, inspired by a line from the book and movie “The Outsiders.” Anytime that container is used, a portion of the proceeds go toward the Outsiders House Museum.

In the long term, he wants to partner with other organizations in a similar fashion.

“We’d like to have it so anytime someone rents a dumpster we are able to give back to whatever organization has their name on our dumpster,” he said.

Gavrilov graduated from Broken Arrow High School before waiting tables for several years.

He purchased a pickup truck after he and his wife bought a 14-foot by 50-foot cabin to turn into a home on some land in Chelsea.

He then started thinking of ways to use his truck to make additional money.

“I’ve always wanted to start a company, but every idea I had was like a half-a-million dollar startup cost,” he said. “I did tons of research and found out we didn’t have any large franchises here and saw that as an opportunity.”

He started four years ago with a full-service junk removal company. He started getting calls every week from people asking if he rented dumpsters, and he realized that it would be a good way to expand his business. In August, he pulled the trigger, purchasing five dumpsters.

He recently purchased five more.

He is hoping to add some Route 66 themes and positive quotes to the next batch of garbage containers.

Some bins will by painted solid black for people who prefer a plain dumpster.

“There isn’t even a standard for nice dumpsters,” he said. “Hopefully I can change that by providing nice dumpsters for residential areas.”

The artwork, in addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, makes smart business sense because people tend to take better care of them, he said.

“I knew that people would scratch them, and realistically they look great for being in the industry that they are in,” he said.

For more information, call 918-900-4285 or go online to atobhualing.com.

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