Cushing tank farm (copy)

The Cushing tank farm is one of the largest oil storage sites in the world. Tulsa World file

Analysts that closely track oil inventories at the Cushing terminal predict that by the end of next year, midstream companies will have the ability to move more oil out of the terminal than can be brought in.

The new cost for doing business in Tulsa.

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Still, much of the information provided in a Genscape webinar last week illustrates that the terminal, a collection of companies that store and ship crude oil and condensates, continues to play an important role in storing and distributing oil and other liquids to downstream users.

The briefing was conducted by Genscape’s Hillary Stevenson, director of oil markets and business development, and Ryan Saxton, its director of midstream oil. Together, they discussed the terminal’s recent rapid growth in storage capacity and connectivity to both upstream fields and downstream export facilities, refineries and other end-stream users of what it stores.

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