A local company recently helped with the reboot of Toys R Us.

Tulsa-based Bearwood Concepts did extensive millwork on Toys R Us venues in Paramus, New Jersey, and Houston.

They were the first Toys R Us stores to open since the retailer, now under the ownership of Tru Kids Brands, filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and closed stores nationwide in 2018.

“It’s really exciting to know that we are in with them on the ground level as they are getting started,” Jim Sellers, president of Bearwood Concepts, said by phone. “They are talking about doing eight stores (in 2020). Hopefully, we will experience growth with them as they move into 2020.”

The New Jersey facility opened Nov. 30 and the Houston store Dec. 7, Sellers said. The display fixtures were built in Tulsa and shipped out of state, he said.

“These were such quick projects,” he said. “Trying to get everything open around Thanksgiving was a tough deal. This is the big sale season for all retail. If you don’t get your sales now, it’s pretty much detrimental for your whole business for the next year.”

Bearwood Concepts specializes in the design and manufacturing of store fixtures for big box retail, specialty retail shops, restaurants, fitness centers, education and medical facilities nationwide. Eighty percent of its work is in the retail sector, and its biggest client is Dillard’s.

Founded 10 years ago, Bearwood Concepts grew out of Penloyd, which shut its doors in January 2009 and laid off 187 people after seeing a continuing erosion in its retail-fixture manufacturing business.

Penloyd, itself, started in 2003, rising out of the former Oklahoma Fixture Co., which filed for bankruptcy that year.

Bearwood Concepts, which has a sister company called Bearwood Native, employs about 85 people.

“We’re kind of like the company in town that does stuff all over the country that no one really knows about,” Sellers said.

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