Trent Shores

Trent Shores is a federal prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

He’s successfully prosecuted international human trafficking organizations, corrupt public officials, drug traffickers and child sex abusers.

Shores has also advised the White House on Native American issues, negotiated international human treaties at the United Nations. He’s also served as a chief legal and political adviser to the Oklahoma Attorney General.

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And in 2014 Shores was selected as Attorney of the Year at the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

With all of his accolades and achievements, Shores hasn’t forgotten his roots.

“Personally, I am most humbled to be a man my parents are proud to have raised,” he said. “That is an accomplishment of great personal meaning and value.”

Professionally, he says his most notable professional accomplishments are those times when he’s given a voice to crime victims in a courtroom.

“The chance to speak for victims and seek justice on their behalf is truly humbling,” Shores said.

He works diligently to protect the community in which he was raised and lives. He also volunteers as an instructor for Native American law enforcement and the Tulsa Police Department and serves as a faculty member for the National Judicial College.

When notified he had been selected as a Man of Distinction, he said he was “humbled and honored.”

“Tulsa is blessed with a surplus of men of distinction who are tireless and selfless in their contributions to our community,” he said. “It is truly an honor to be selected.”

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