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At some point you’ll have to decide whether or not hiring an attorney is right for you. Folks face a variety of legal issues that might require a lawyer’s help. Perhaps you suffered an injury or were wrongly fired from your job or maybe you’ve been accused of committing a crime.

Some common situations where assistance from a lawyer may be necessary include:

• An arrest or questioning by police.

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• A family issue such as divorce or child custody.

• An accident involving serious personal injury and/or property damage.

• Discrimination or harassment on the job.

• Estate planning such as drafting of a will, trust or estate plan.

Serious legal situations like those are best handled with the assistance of legal counsel. A lawyer will analyze your particular set of facts and the law specific to those facts and advise you at the beginning whether it is worth your time and money to obtain legal counsel.

If legal assistance is necessary, your lawyer will evaluate all aspects of your situation with you, explain your options and what to expect throughout the process. They will take any action necessary to ensure your legal rights are fully protected.

The lawyer will research the law, interview witnesses, collect records, confer with experts, plan legal strategy, prepare and file necessary documents and negotiate with adverse parties in order to ensure the best possible outcome and minimize risk for your particular legal issue.

Although in less serious matters, representing yourself may be the best option for your time and bank account. You may be able to resolve a minor legal dispute by negotiating with the other party or, if negotiations fail, in small claims court if the amount in dispute is less than an amount certain ($7,500 in Oklahoma).

The focus of my practice is personal injury. I represent folks that have been injured and/or had their property damaged due to the negligence of another. When a potential client asks me if they need an attorney, sometimes I advise them that they don’t.

In those cases, typically the amount of damage suffered by the person is relatively low. I advise them that they can likely obtain a favorable outcome by themselves without paying for an attorney to do so.

In other situations, where a potential client has suffered serious and potentially life-changing damages, I advise them they absolutely should hire an attorney.

In those cases, an experienced attorney will ensure that each and every element of damage is accounted for when making demands of the negligent party.

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Anthony Gorospe is an attorney with the Gorospe Law Group.