SK Innovation, parent company of Tulsa-based oil and gas company SK Plymouth, donated $50,000 to the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance on Tuesday.

SK Innovation’s management philosophy of “growing together with the local community” contributed directly to the company’s decision to sponsor TRSA and its educational programs. Thanks to SK Innovation’s contribution, TRSA will introduce additional STEM outreach to multiple schools through the organization’s educational programs.

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The donation will be given in two installments of $25,000 during the next two years.

“Growing together and giving back to the local community is an important principle at SK Innovation,” Bill Diggs, vice president and engineering director of SK Plymouth said. “We look forward to working with the Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance on developing innovative educational outreach based on programs that can directly impact the energy industry.”

SK Innovation’s CEO Jun Kim attended the presentation in which Bill Diggs will have the honor of presenting the donation to TRSA and its membership.

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