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572893 Published in the Owasso Reporter, Owasso, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, June 12 & 19, 2019.

NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE CJ-2019-534 Notice is given that on the 16th day of July, 2019, at 10:00 AM, in Room 119 of the Tulsa County Courthouse, in the City of Tulsa, Tulsa County, Oklahoma, the Sheriff of said County will offer for sale and sell, with appraisement, for cash, at public auction, to the highest and best bidder, all that certain real estate in Tulsa County, Oklahoma, to-wit:

Lot Twenty-eight (28), Block Five (5), Country Estates IV, an Addition to the City of Owasso, Tulsa County, State of Oklahoma, according to the recorded plat No. 5427;

subject to unpaid taxes, advancements by Plaintiff for taxes, insurance premiums, and expenses necessary for the preservation of the subject property, if any, said property having been duly appraised at $162,000.00. Sale will be made pursuant to a Special Execution And Order Of Sale issued in accordance with judgment entered in the District Court of Tulsa County, Oklahoma, in Case No. CJ-2019-534, entitled First United Bank and Trust Company, Plaintiff, vs. Chancey D. Hailey, Tulsa Adjustment Bureau, Inc. and John Doe, as Occupant of the Premises a/k/a Jacob, being all of the Defendants and persons holding or claiming any interest or lien in the subject property. Vic Regalado, Sheriff of Tulsa County, Oklahoma By: /s/ James Estes DEPUTY Don Timberlake - # 9021 BAER & TIMBERLAKE, P.C. P.O. Box 18486 Oklahoma City, OK 73154-0486 Telephone: (405) 842-7722 Facsimile: (405) 848-9349 BT File No.: 117756

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