Details for - FD-8-354/Cass

572943 Published in the Wagoner County American-Tribune, Wagoner, Wagoner County, Oklahoma, June 12, 19 & 26, 2019.

IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF WAGONER COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA IN RE THE MARRIAGE OF: KIMBERLY SUE CASS (now BOGGS), Petitioner, and DONALD WAYNE CASS, Respondent. Case No. FD-2008-354 NOTICE OF HEARING STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: THE RESPONDENT, DONALD WAYNE CASS NOTICE OF HEARING FD-2008-354 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF WAGONER COUNTY OF OKLAHOMA IN THE MATTER OF THE MARRIAGE OF KIMBERLY SUE CASS (NOW BOGGS), PETITIONER AND DONALD WAYNE CASS, RESPONDENT: On April 22, 2019, Petitioner filed a Motion to Transfer Venue which will be HEARD ON THE 29th OF JULY, 2019 AT 10:00 A.M. Before Judge Luton in the District Court of Wagoner County, Oklahoma. You are therefore notified that the Court will hear evidence in support of and in opposition to the granting of the Motion at the time and place shown above where you will have the right to object to the change of venue. The name of the Petitioner's attorney is Glenn K. Brown, whose address is 531 Couch Dr., Ste. 201, Oklahoma City, OK 73102 and whose telephone number is (405) 701-6994. WITNESS my hand and the seal of the Court this 30th day of May, 2019. JAMES E. HIGHT WAGONER COUNTY, COURT CLERK (SEAL) By: /s/ Kimberly Weese Deputy Court Clerk APPROVED: /s/ Glenn K. Brown Glenn K. Brown, OBA No. 31002 BALL / MORSE / LOWE 531 Couch Drive, Ste. 201 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73102 Telephone: (405) 701.6994 Facsimile: (405) 701.2830 Attorney for Petitioner