When Tim Lynn graduated from Broken Arrow High School in 1984, he didn’t know what career he wanted to pursue.

He is one of five Great Graduates who will be recognized by the Broken Arrow Alumni Association, Oct. 4, during the BAHS Homecoming celebration. The award denotes a recipient’s strong leadership, outstanding character and good citizenship.

Lynn enrolled in Tulsa Welding School, which led to his work for two presidents and a career in the Secret Service and the Department of the Interior.

“When all my buddies were headed off to college, I literally did not know what I wanted to do, so I went to Tulsa Welding School,” said Lynn from his Washington D.C. office.

From Tulsa Welding School, Lynn joined the Navy and became a Navy Seabee.

“I was a steel worker and welder in the Navy,” Lynn said. “I had gone into the Navy to be an underwater welder and was excited about all of that.”

While in the Navy, he was recruited to work at the Camp David Presidential Retreat and served as the Aspen Crew Leader in charge of the president’s cabin.

“I was there during Ronald and Nancy Reagan, then during Bush Sr.’s term,” Lynn said.

Later, Lynn took a position at the United States Secret Service and was assigned to work on the Emergency Response Team, which is a type of SWAT team assigned to protect the White House.

In 1998, Lynn left the Secret Service and went into work at the Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations Department as an officer and an agent at the Mark Twain National Forest in Rolla, Mo.

While at the Forest Service, Lynn investigated methamphetamine crimes, marijuana growers, arson and timber theft crimes.

“When you look at a National Forest, the same crimes are committed in a National Forest that are committed everywhere,” Lynn said.

Lynn served in various locations within the National Forest System as a Law Enforcement Officer, Patrol Captain, Special Agent, Senior Special Agent, Assistant Director for Investigations and Director for the Office of Safety and Occupational Health.

For the last year, Lynn has worked at the Department of Interior, as the Assistant Director of the Law Enforcement Division.

In addition, in the fall of 2010, Lynn graduated Summa Cum Laude from the George Washington University College of Professional Studies with a degree in police science.

“One of these days, I hope I figure out what I want to do,” Lynn said.

Over the years, Lynn says experience has taught him to take advantage of every opportunity.

“I had the opportunity back in the Navy to have tried to become a Navy Seal, but I turned down that opportunity and I’ve regretted it the rest of my life,” Lynn said.

From that point on, if an interesting opportunity came along Lynn reached for it.

“So, at least I didn’t regret not having at least tried,” Lynn said. “When I talk to people about jobs or opportunities, I tell them if a challenge or opportunity comes up, you should at least try it so you can say you tried.”

Lynn credits his success to his parents Gerry and Darla Lynn, who still live in Broken Arrow.

“I was very fortunate to have outstanding parents and I come from a very strong Christian upbringing,” Lynn said. “To me, being grounded and being a service to others is what has been very influential in my career.”

“I am very humbled to have been selected as a Great Graduate,” Lynn said. “I’m looking forward to coming home to BA and sharing the events with my family and friends!”