jessica loveless

COLLINSVILLE — A woman who was recently arrested admitted to a drug crime in a comment on the Collinsville Police Department’s Facebook page, the department maintains.

Jessica Loveless, 23, of Owasso was arrested Thursday by a Collinsville police officer on complaints of driving under suspension, without insurance and with defective equipment, possession of marijuana and taxes due to the state. She posted $1,404 bond and was released from jail the same day.

The Police Department featured her booking photo on Facebook as part of its weekly “Monday Morning Mugshots” series. Someone using Loveless’ Facebook profile commented on the post — apparently acknowledging the marijuana possession — around 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Her comment states:

”This is so messed up, every single one of those charges are going to be dropped. Those dirty, lazy (cops) have nothing better to do then [sic] charge ME with a joint roach even though if I lived in a different state because I have epilepsy, I wouldn’t of gotten in trouble.”

The Police Department responded on its Facebook page about an hour after Loveless posted her comment, stating:

”The Collinsville Police Department highly supports our citizens’ right to free speech. If anyone else would like to exercise their rights by coming on our Facebook page and admitting to the very crimes they were charged with, then please feel free to do so.”

In an interview, police Capt. Matt Burke told the Owasso Reporter that this is the first incident of its kind the department has seen since starting the Monday Morning Mugshots series in June.

“We’ve had other people give us information on other people, but this is definitely the first time someone’s made a comment that directly admitted to something that they had been charged with,” Burke said.

The captain said police have printed the comment and added it to the arrest report. He said once officials confirm that Loveless is indeed the person who posted the comment, it can be admissible in court.

Loveless has a Jan. 10 court date at the Collinsville Courthouse.