Holy Yoga offers meditation with God


Woven (Women of Vision Embracing Now) participants traveled down a new path last Thursday when they met at the Ninowski Recreation Center on the Rhema campus to experience Holy Yoga.

"I was certified to teach Holy Yoga in May, 2015," shared Molly Smith. " I have been teaching at SALT Yoga since June. I love the way Holy Yoga connects fitness with faith.

"When we put our focus on God and honoring him while we strengthen and , it provides a more meaningful experience," she continued.

According to Smith, the Holy Yoga classes at SALT are always free, and are every Wednesday. "SALT Utica has a class at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesdays, and SALT South has a class at 7 p.m., both of which I teach, and both are free. The community is invited to come and try out a class. Just drop in!"

Following fellowship and a light, healthy snack, women of Woven lay their exercise mats out on the Ninowski floor, the lights dimmed, and prepared for Smith to lead them down the meditation path to God.

"We're going to get really quiet," she said. "This is such an exciting thing, that we can come together and set our focus on God, centering our attention on Him. Set your mind on Him this hour. Take your shoes off. Lie down. You have a lot of time to reflect and meditate your hearts and minds with God. Don't talk to your neighbor. You'll get more out of it if you just relax. Inhale, breath deeply; allow your belly to expand and relax --long, slow inhales -- long and slow. Allow your breath to fill you up."

"God comes to us," Smith said. "He knows us better than we know ourselves, how rough you come with doubts, hurts and joys. God is so excited about this hour."

I like to start all classes with meditation and an empty mind," Smith goes on.

"Fill your mind with God's word. Take God's scripture and connect with God. Connect with our creator, allowing God to just come and be with us. This is just between you and him. Let that door open to his rhythms and grace."

"Are you tired and burned out on religion? I'll show you how to take a real rest. Learn to live freely and lightly. Open a door that may have been shut. Let him in to be with you in this hour. This isn't about you. It's about God. So if the yoga gets in the way of God, don't do it. Just think about God."

People can hear about Holy Yoga classes on our Holy Yoga Tulsa Facebook page: Facebook.com/holyyogatulsa where all Tulsa area Holy Yoga instructors may post their classes for the