bring your own dog

John Stolz, owner of Bring Your Own Dog in Owasso, said his business number was “spoofed,” causing his customers to be harassed by scammers. ART HADDAWAY/Owasso Reporter

A local dog groomer is readjusting after being victimized by a recent phone scam.

John Stolz, owner of Bring Your Own Dog in Owasso, said his business number was “spoofed,” in which scammers used it to call people across the country to get them to renew their expired car warranty.

Stolz, who had just returned from a week-long vacation on Monday, July 16, said he believes his number was hacked for up to three days and called upwards of hundreds of people while he was away.

“The most negative calls that we received back were from people who were actually out of state,” he said. “They would call us back angry that we were doing this.”

Stolz, who has kept the same number for the last seven years, had no choice but to contact his phone company and change the number.

He said one of his biggest concerns was that many of his local patrons also received the fake calls and could not make contact with the business until several days later.

“Most of our customers, when they got the call, they knew that was not us, they knew something was up,” Stolz said, “but, of course, our phones were down, and then we changed our numbers.”

Stolz said the incident affected him and his staff in a big way, leaving them to take up the long process of updating all their records, promotional materials and listings that included their old phone number.

“It’s just very frustrating and time consuming,” he said. “(It’s) hindered our ability to provide the customer service that we’re known for.”

A week later, and Stolz and his team are still recovering from the ordeal, spreading the word about their new number and encouraging other local businesses to take precautions against the recurring trend of spoofing.

“I had no idea that this could be done,” he said. “My advice would be to know that this possibility does exist. The best thing you can do is be prepared and have a game plan if it ever was to happen.”

Bring Your Own Dog’s new phone number is 918-805-0751.