Darcy Swift

Q: What’s the best way to get a response from my résumé?

A: Most importantly, make sure you tailor your resume toward the position and industry you are applying. Use specific words and experience to highlight your knowledge and ability for the position in which you are applying. You want to put no more that the past 10 years of relevant experience to the position you are wanting to obtain. Busy managers weeding out lots of resumes will focus on the ones that are pertinent to the position they are needing to hire.

Format your resume to make it easy to read and focus the hiring managers eye on what you want them to see. Remove any information that may not catch their attention, but could be seen as resume clutter.

When preparing a resume for review and in consideration for a new job, you want to pay special attention to the spelling and punctuation on the resume. Have a few people review your resume before you send it to a potential employer.

An extra resume tip: After submitting your resume for consideration to a position you are qualified for, you may want to contact the hiring manager to ask if your resume was received. It may not move your resume to the front of the pile, but your name is now on their radar.

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