Jeff Fath

Q: What home remodel projects will give me my best return on investment?

A: Maintaining the both appearance and actual structural integrity of the home are both important ways to retain or add to the value of your home.

As we all know, Mother Nature in Oklahoma can be quite different not only day-to-day, but even hour-to-hour. For our homes, this can and does create issues we may not see until there is a major problem. Leaks can occur when areas such as windows, doors or trim are not properly caulked or siliconed.

Another potential issue can hide among previously-painted surfaces. If left unchecked, these areas can have hidden wood rot from cracked wood or separated trim if the home has not been painted in many years.

Roofing is another item that should be inspected yearly, if possible. Especially after any major storm, it is important to contact a licensed roofing company. Check for companies that provide these inspections for free.

Other long-term home investments that have great return are properly-installed new energy efficient windows and doors as well as radiant heat barrier. Blow-in insulation in the attic is also a great return on investment.

Due to the fact that less electric or gas is being consumed to heat or cool the residence and the less energy is being used, the lower the utility bill will be. Over time, those savings will cover the cost of 70 percent of initial materials and labor in the form of lower bills over time, not to mention the aesthetic and monetary value of the upgrade added to the home.