Tim Miller

HAYLIE SMART/Owasso Reporter

Q: What maintenance should be done on my vehicle to keep it safe on the road during the winter months?

A: Cars have a tendency to react much like we do when the weather takes a turn from warmth to cold.

You should always have your cooling system checked as well as the coolant itself. Antifreeze will break down over time and it’s effectiveness will diminish with time. It’s a very simple process to make sure your antifreeze will perform during some of Oklahoma’s extreme cold.

Having the belts checked is a good idea as well. An older belt will develop cracking and in cold weather rubber will become a bit brittle and the belt will brake. At times we will discover that the heater in the car is not working while it did work last winter and if this is the case then a heater core flush will need to be performed to rid the core of debris that may have settled in the heater core during the summer months.

Have your tires checked not only for air pressure but for tiny small cracking that may appear. If this cracking does appear regardless of miles on the tire it should be replaced.

These are just a few items that should be checked.

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