Bailey Medical Center in Owasso recently held its annual Bailey Service Awards, honoring employees, volunteers and physicians for their extraordinary efforts in 2019. The awards are nominated by employees for employees.

Volunteer of the Year: Mary Reed

Mary Reed has volunteered at Bailey Medical Center for three years and previously volunteered at Hillcrest Claremore.

Nominations for Reed described her as upbeat and friendly, dependable and always smiling.

“She stocks the doctors’ lounge and does it so well,” one nominator said. “They never call needing anything.”

Reed also assists at the front desk, one time helping an employee who wasn’t feeling well, by walking patients to the waiting area. She assists others by making surgical packets, taking out trash and helping however she can.

“If someone needs a drink, she will get it,” another employee said. “If a patient needs a warm blanket she does it — always with a smile.”

Physician of the Year: Stephanie Hall

Stephanie Hall, D.O., specializes in obstetrics and gynecology. Described as compassionate and knowledgeable, Hall is known for bringing comfort, humor and joy to those she cares for.

“Dr. Hall is a wonderful asset to this hospital,” one nominator said. “She goes above and beyond for her patients and staff.

“On more than one occasion she has come in on her off time to cry, comfort and care for her patients.”

Clinical Employee of the Year: Becky Wilkins

Becky Wilkins works in mammography and is described as making patients feel comfortable during a procedure that can often be uncomfortable for them.

Wilkins often walks with those she serves after their mammogram to answer any questions they have.

“When you see her walking with patients, you would think they were all a part of her family because she is so friendly and caring toward them,” a nominator said.

Another employee commented on how Wilkins receives daily compliments from them: “Patients ask for her by name. They feel at ease.”

Non-Clinical Employee of the Year: Debbie Kirkendoll

Debbie Kirkendoll works at The Center for Bariatrics at Bailey Medical Center. She’s described as someone who goes above and beyond for patients and staff.

“Debbie puts the patient first,” a nominator said. “If a staff member is out, Debbie will stay late or come in early — whatever she needs to get the work done.”

After switching roles at Bailey Bariatrics, Kirkendoll has bloomed in her interaction with those she serves, showing compassion and helping avoid any scheduling conflicts.

More than one employee said Kirkendoll has a heart of a servant and said she’s someone who thinks of solutions.

Manager of the Year: Melissa Tiger

Melissa Tiger is manager of med/surg at Bailey Medical Center. She is known for being approachable and for being available day or no night no matter the situation. She encourages her staff to take classes and further their education.

“She will step in when the floor is busy or the nurses need an extra hand,” a nominator said.

She teaches staff while keeping patients and family members calm and relaxed. She has that touch.”

Another employee added, “She keeps the floor running smoothly and is very flexible. She puts the patient first and makes sure our floor is inviting.”

Difference Maker of the Year: Patty Griffin

Patty Griffin, radiology, is the second recipient of Difference Maker of the Year. The first was awarded in 2019. BMC incorporated a Difference Maker program to recognize employees who make a difference or go the extra mile.

In 2019, Griffin received the most recognition through the Difference Maker program.

“She’s dedicated to helping others; she jumps in and takes the lead during critical situations, and her calm, caring demeanor with her patients has made a difference in the lives of all of those around her,” Keith Mason, CEO of Bailey Medical Center, said. “I’m proud to work alongside Patty and thank her for her dedication to patients and her teammates.”