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A body recently recovered from Hominy Creek near Skiatook was identified as 51-year-old Laura Pace, a longtime Owasso Walmart Supercenter employee. Courtesy of OCSO

A body recently recovered from Hominy Creek near Skiatook was identified as 51-year-old Laura Pace, according to the Osage County Sheriff’s Office.

Pace was a longtime employee at the Owasso Walmart Supercenter on 96th Street.

She was recently reported missing and was last seen leaving the Walmart in Skiatook alone around 1 a.m. on Thursday, June 13. Her car was then found on 52nd Street on Friday.

OCSO, along with a search party and local volunteers, canvassed the area with canines and drones over the weekend but did not locate the woman.

On Sunday evening, June 16, a group of kayakers found a body several miles downstream, which was later identified as Pace, according to a recent post on OCSO’s Facebook page.

John Cole, co-manager at the Owasso Walmart, also confirmed Pace’s employment and said she has worked at the store since November of 1994.

Over the last 25 years, Pace has held a number of positions at the Owasso location, Cole said, serving in automotive, hardware and stock and freight. She also worked in customer service over the last several years.

“She helped anywhere and everywhere that was needed,” Cole said, “She was like a Swiss army knife over here; she can do anything and everything.”

Walmart’s management team set up a table near the front of the store’s grocery entrance in Pace’s memory with a journal for those wanting to write down their thoughts to share with her family.

“That book is filling up,” Cole said. “There’s probably well over 60 pages filled out, front and back.”

Further details of Pace’s disappearance, including her cause of death, are pending the medical examiners investigation, OCSO said.

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