The new and improved allows citizens to better connect with local officials and access content to stay up to date with ongoing city projects, news and events, services and more.

The City of Collinsville announced that it has launched a new website. recently underwent a 6-month redesign by CivicPlus, a government website provider, to provide several new functions as well as a cleaner, easier layout to navigate.

“We are very excited and proud of the new city website,” said Collinsville City Manager Pam Polk. “It was a huge undertaking, and I appreciate staff’s work and commitment to the project.”

Collinsville citizens will now be able to better connect with city officials and stay up to date with ongoing city projects, news and events, services and more.

Likewise, the new website will allow the City of Collinsville to increase its community engagement and enhance the communication between residents and the local government.

Some significant changes and updated modules include the following:

Alert Center functionality: Allows website administrators to alert citizens with time-sensitive information and instructions using multiple channels, including the website homepage, social media and email.

Calendar functionality: Allows citizens to stay informed about the scheduling of important local events, including public meetings, classes, activities, community events, and other valuable opportunities for engagement.

The File Center: Serves as a single, conveniently accessible repository for all forms, documents and files that citizens routinely require so they can self-service many of their municipal requests without the need to walk into an office or place a phone call.

The Agenda Center: Allows for the storing, sharing and searching of public meetings and agendas and enables citizens to remain informed and engaged in public policy and local issues.

Personalized logins: Allows citizens to create an account associated with the website so that it becomes a personalized tool to download forms, submit applications and permits, pay bills, submit and track inquiries, and further engage in public dialog.

“The new site offers much more information and interactive modules for staff and citizens,” Polk said. “Please jump online and check it out. It is a work in progress, so please bear with us as we work to get the site to maximum potential.”