brian crockett

Brian Crockett (2nd from left), along with his wife and two children, pose for a picture next to Owasso City Manager Warren Lehr (left) and Owasso Public Works Director Roger Stevens (right) at Tuesday’s Council meeting. ART HADDAWAY/Owasso Reporter

Brian Crockett has been named the City of Owasso’s Employee of the Quarter.

The recognition came during City Council’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 5, where Crockett was honored for his outstanding service to the community in front of friends and family.

Crockett, who works at the Owasso Wastewater Treatment Plant, has served in public works since April 2008 and was promoted to safety operator for the facility about six years ago.

The plant, located at 600 S. Main St., treats an average of 3 million gallons per day and services around 32,000 customers across the community.

According to Owasso City Manager Warren Lehr, who recognized Crockett on Tuesday, the WWTP operator has gone above and beyond to help improve several maintenance processes at the plant to make them safer for personnel.

Crockett researches equipment maintenance manuals, gathers data for repair times and intervals along with required tools and parts, ensures concise work orders with thorough instructions are created to accomplish projects and more.

“Brian’s initiative is one of the major reasons the Wastewater Treatment Plant runs as optimally as possible,” Lehr said. “He is constantly aware of the situations around him, and if something does not seem right, he takes the initiative to check it out and resolve the issue.”

Owasso Public Works Director Roger Stevens, also at Tuesday’s meeting, added, “When I think of Brian, you think of pro sports, and every year they have a draft, and I can tell you, Brian is that first round first pick. We are very blessed to have him on our staff; he does an extraordinary job.”

Both Lehr and Stevens attributed the character traits of availability, dependability, diligence, initiative and integrity to describe Crockett.

Currently, Crockett is taking college courses and is involved with the Owasso Preparatory Academy Robotics Club as a coach helping students learn about robotics. He is active in his church as part of the audio/visual team, and is also heavily involved in martial arts as a student and trainer.

When asked to say a few words at Council, Crockett replied, “It’s a great honor to be here tonight and be recognized. I don’t do it for recognition; I just see it as doing my job, so thank you very much. I appreciate all that the Council does for the city as well in getting us everything we need to do our jobs well.”

Each year, the City names four individuals as the Employee of the Quarter and designates one of the recipients as Employee of the Year with the prestigious Eagle Award. This year, Crockett joins Brandon Hancock, Elishya Cook, Laura Evans and Daniel Dearing in the running.