owasso arrest

Kyle Ross Bowman and Shannon Leigh Bowman

A local man and his mother are facing animal cruelty charges after officers found two dogs, one emaciated and nearly frozen to death, outside their home earlier this year.

Kyle Ross Bowman and Shannon Leigh Bowman, both of Collinsville, were arrested over the weekend for their alleged neglect of the dogs, which were kept in the backyard of their residence, according to a police report.

It states that in March, an animal control officer seized the animals after finding one of the dogs frozen solid to the ground and unable to move. He noted that a piece of the dog’s tail had been chewed off, as if the dog had bit off its own tail in an apparent attempt to escape. He also saw that neither animal had food or water.

The officer indicated that the dog was noticeably thin, noting that the skin around the animal’s ribcage was sunken in and each individual rib could be easily seen, the report shows.

He took the dogs to a local vet, which diagnosed the emaciated dog with heartworms. Under the care of medical staff, both dogs are now eating and interacting with other animals.

Upon speaking with the officer, Kyle denied ownership of the animals, advising that they belonged to his mother Shannon. However, she claimed to have surrendered the dogs to her son’s care.

The Collinsville Police Department initially conducted an out-of-custody warrant request, and the Tulsa District Attorney’s Office approved the animal cruelty charges and issued the arrest warrants.

Kyle and Shannon were transported to the Tulsa Count Jail both on bond of $2,000 with a court date of Saturday, June 8.