As Owasso’s Bailey Medical Center nears its 10th anniversary this November, it is also celebrating the recent completion of its new Center for Bariatrics – a more than 5,500-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility centered around innovative weight-loss treatment and surgery.

Opened July 1, the clinic was built to accommodate an increasing number of patients, as well as to provide more space for needed equipment, staff, exam rooms, and other medical services that may have not been available before.

“[The renovation] has allowed us to better handle the growth,” said Russell Vieaux, Bailey Community Outreach coordinator. “We add approximately 100 new patients a month to the program, and with that kind of growth, you have to have the facilities that can handle that.”

Bailey’s Bariatrics department, established in 2010, took up residence in two other locations at the hospital before moving into the new building, which serves as its largest unit yet. The “all-inclusive” facility houses all the physicians and dieticians in one area, allowing patients to visit them, with the exception of the psychologist, much more easily.

“Patients can get from one appointment to another within the facility [with] more ease of movement,” Vieaux said.

David Steward, Bariatrics program director, added, “That’s what makes us unique, is everything is in-house and is a true center of excellence. We have all the accreditations ... it’s just a very comprehensive program.”

The newly constructed clinic features a large lobby area; 13 exam rooms; comfortable and specially designed furnishings; multiple technology and equipment upgrades, including a cutting-edge Body Composition Analyzer Scale; and around 20 staff, including two dieticians and three surgeons on site.

With more room and resources to meet patients’ needs, the expanded wing gives staff the opportunity to provide improved services as it pertains to bariatric seminars, weight-loss programs, surgical consults and even post-op care, to name a few. Patients can also meet with on-hand exercise specialists, pulmonologists and cardiologists at the hospital.

“With bariatrics, there’s a lot of things that [patients] have to go through as far as testing, then seeing dieticians and exercising,” Steward said, “and what’s unique about our program is everything is here – it’s all on campus.”

Bailey’s newly designed Center for Bariatrics offers a wide range of programs that ultimately help pave the way for patients to grow their knowledge of how to lose weight, live healthier, and get more involved with the process by participating in different activities and support groups.

“Healthy, strong and nutritionally correct – that’s what we’re aiming for,” Vieaux said. “We know that morbid obesity is a rapidly growing disease process. I think for our community, it’s about adding not only life but adding quality to their life, and that’s what we’re focused on. We want to help them live longer but also have more enjoyment out of those years.”

In addition to bariatrics, Bailey Medical Center, located at 106th and N. Garnett, provides a number of services, including 24-hour emergency care, inpatient and outpatient surgery, obstetrics, cardiology, othopedics, and sleep medicine, as well as imaging, laboratory and rehabilitation services, among others.

For more information about the hospital’s Center for Bariatrics, call 918-376-8410, or visit

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