Doodling on the pavement isn’t just for children.

Collinsville seniors at the start of the school year took to the high school parking lot with chalk and paint in hand to add a personal touch to their own parking spaces.

School staff gave this year’s seniors the opportunity to reserve a paid parking spot, design it and paint it themselves for the first time.

The activity came following a change in the parking structure between upperclassmen and lowerclassmen, with freshmen and sophomores now parking in the back of campus, and juniors and seniors parking in the front.

History teacher and Student Council leader Hillary Moore along with art teacher Taylor Kite and other school staff moved forward with the idea after seeing other schools participate in the project.

“We felt like it gave the kids something to look forward to … it kind of brightens up their senior year a little bit,” Moore said. “And it makes it easier for them to park when they get here.”

Kite added, “It’s just letting them have their own little personalized place on campus … but it’s also for those kids that come second and third hour, they’ll have that for-sure spot on the front row.”

Around 45 seniors took a day before school started on Thursday, Aug. 15, to come together, get creative and colorize the pavement with their imaginative pieces.

Some students used beehive and checkerboard patterns to design their spaces; others painted logos for Vans and McDonald’s; and others incorporated movies and TV show themes such as “Friends,” “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Up” and “Monsters, Inc.”

Each student paid $50 for his or her parking space for the entire year. The money raised through the project will go toward various school activities.