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Last week marks 50 years since we set foot on the moon.

The moon landing – and the whole “space race” era – has always fascinated me. Although I wasn’t alive back then, the endeavors of those in cockpits and control rooms resonate in my heart today.

I’ve often found myself glued to the screen watching footage of this remarkable time, mesmerized at the scale of human achievement that can only be described as awe-inspiring.

Hard-working men and women dedicated a good part of a decade – away from family and friends, sacrificing the everyday normalcies and niceties that we all take for granted – to embark on a journey of historic proportions.

I look back in envy at many of these individuals who had a hand in lettering the history books: charting a course for orbit, securing the bolts to a rocket booster, operating a countdown clock, scaling a ladder to the lunar surface.

It goes without saying that they made the impossible possible.

Remnants of the Apollo missions – and the earlier Gemini and Mercury programs – are now imprinted on launch pads down the coast of Cape Canaveral in Florida and enshrined in museums and exhibits across the country.

Fifty years later, the efforts of those courageous men and women at the helm of one of America’s greatest achievements will never be forgotten. Their passion and perseverance have paved the way for a host of feats that may not have been realized if it weren’t for their choice to act.

From the twin Voyagers to the Space Shuttle and International Space Station to SpaceX and the Mars Curiosity Rover, our continued sojourns into space are certainly not taken in vain.

I often find myself staring off into the night sky, fascinated, even haunted, by the vastness of the universe. But I glance back at the moon and envision Neil Armstrong’s footsteps perfectly preserved in the Sea of Tranquility, still echoing, “…one giant leap for mankind.”

Here’s to us pushing beyond our limits, scaling the heavens and exploring the unknown.

Art is a seasoned reporter of over 15 years with an extended background in writing and editing for a variety of publications and organizations.