Green Teens Curbside Recycling

Owasso siblings Sydney and Seth Sherman have grown Green Teens Curbside Recycling into a business with more than 125 customers. SHAWN HEIN/Owasso Reporter

An Owasso family is attempting to grow its business while educating the community at the same time.

Six years ago, siblings Sydney and Seth Sherman, along with their father Jake, began offering a recycling service out of their home. Green Teens Curbside Recycling has grown from a few stops around the neighborhood to an enterprise of more than 125 customers in the area.

As the only curbside recycling business in Owasso, the Shermans recently put together a recycling guide. The guide includes details about recycling options for residents around the Owasso area and, of course, highlights some of the benefits of Green Teens.

“It’s just good information to put out,” said Jeff, the owner. “It lets people around Owasso know here are all the options.”

Sydney, a 2020 Owasso graduate, said helping her community remain environmentally conscious is one of the biggest benefits.

“It’s just really nice because Owasso doesn’t have a recycling service, and actually a lot of people want to recycle,” said Sydney, who will continue her soccer career at Oklahoma Baptist University in the fall. “So it’s really nice to give back to the community.”

Green Teens has adapted the operation to its entrepreneurial success. The Shermans run routes twice weekly instead of once, and replace bags with bins and cans for the customers along their routes. They have also invested in a new vehicle and utility trailer, with their clientele expanding into Collinsville and Verdigris.

“Once we hit 100 customers, it was a big milestone because we knew we would have to change how we did our routes,” said Jake.

Seth, a senior-to-be and member of the Rams football team, said being an integral part of a growing small business has taught him how to deal with customers, how to budget money and the importance of dedication when he climbs into the truck every Wednesday and Saturday to run routes.

“I can’t do anything on these days,” Seth said. “I have to be committed.”

Jake said he’s proud of all the practical lessons his children have learned since opening the business in 2014. But the best part of a family-run organization, according to the retired veteran, is just that: the family aspect.

“When I used to run the routes with them, they were forced to spend time with me in the truck,” Jake smiled. “That was the best part for me.”

To learn more about Green Teens Curbside Recycling and to obtain a copy of their recycling guide, visit their website at or call 918-235-7602.