grda collinsville

GRDA recently presented banners to its public power partner communities, like Collinsville. GRDA’s Gary Pruett (far left) presented the banner to Collinsville City Manager Pam Polk (far right) and other city employees in late June. Courtesy photo

The Grand River Dam Authority and the City of Collinsville are recognizing essential employees in a special way during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GRDA — the wholesale electricity supplier for Collinsville providing electricity, water, sewer and other services since 1946 — recently launched its “Heroes work here” initiative to honor those who have continued to meet critical needs in their hometowns.

“Each time we turn on a water tap or flip a light switch, we automatically expect it to work,” said GRDA Chief Executive Officer Dan Sullivan. “In recent months, we’ve learned that these simple resources we take for granted are vital to everyday life. The ‘Heroes work here’ initiative is one way we can recognize not only utility workers but all the municipal workers who have kept Oklahoma hometowns functioning.”

As part of the initiative, GRDA designed and printed banners for each of its electricity customer communities, including Collinsville.

“We are so pleased that GRDA has recognized the importance of municipal employees,” Collinsville City Manager Pam Polk said. “Our crews have worked hard during this pandemic to keep all of our citizens safe and protected, and we will continue to do so. Thank you GRDA.”

Communities like Collinsville purchase wholesale electricity from GRDA and then resell it to end-users. Revenues from electric sales are then used to maintain electric systems and fund other essential city services like police and fire, parks and streets.

Most municipalities in Oklahoma are solely dependent on sales tax revenues to fund their services, but those that have a community-owned electric utility generate needed revenue to support those communities, especially during the challenges of recent months.

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