Thai Yang


Local authorities are searching for a Collinsville man who went missing eight days ago, as of Monday.

Thai Yang, 36, was reported missing on Sunday, June 30, and has not returned home, according to his family.

Yang’s younger sister, Pang Yang, reached out to the public on Facebook for help finding her brother, who is mentally disabled.

“He … has a mind of an 8 year old,” Pang said in a recent post. “He usually only answer yes and no questions and will pace around back and forth.”

Yang is well known around Collinsville and can often be seen roaming around town and visiting different stores across the area.

Collinsville Police Captain Michael Dunning, who is investigating Yang’s disappearance, told Owasso Reporter that this is the first time the man has gone missing.

“He is known to do a lot of walking,” Dunning said, “but this is definitely something that is out of the norm for him.”

Dunning and his team have continued to reach out to surrounding law enforcement agencies and other organizations in an effort to track Yang down.

“I’ve been in contact with all the shelters in Tulsa to find out if he has been there, stayed there, no luck,” Dunning said. “Checked out every new housing addition, walked through all the new construction to see if he’s been in there; he seems to levitate toward those areas.”

Dunning’s department said it has received several reports of Yang’s possible whereabouts, including on the Gilcrease Highway as well as inside the Skiatook Casino, but no confirmed points of contact.

The captain said his biggest concern this far into the search is Yang’s potential exposure to inclement weather and increasing temperatures.

“We don’t know, this has been several days,” Dunning said. “The heat and humidity, and his ability find water, food and shelter.”

To provide a tip on Yang’s whereabouts or for further information about the case, call the Collinsville Police Department at 918-371-1000, or his family at 918-407-9108 or 918-407-8916.