The 2020 Miss Collinsville and Miss Collinsville Outstanding Teen pageant was held on Saturday, Jan. 25, at Collinsville High School Event Center.

Faith Steedman was crowned Miss Collinsville 2020, and Cayden Sadler was crowned Miss Collinsville Outstanding Teen 2020.

More than 100 people attended the pageant. Bailey Chambers emceed the event, which featured four young ladies vying for the Teen title and four for the Miss title.

Steedman follows Miss Collinsville 2019 Michella Wilson, and Sadler follows Miss Collinsville Outstanding Teen 2019 Eva Reis.

Faith Steedman

Steedman, 18, is from Oklahoma City and currently attends Oklahoma City Community College.

She showcased her talent of lyrical dance as well as her platform of “Educating Young Teens to Unplug and Refresh” during Saturday’s pageant.

Steedman selected her platform based on her own struggles with jealousy and comparison on social media, and her ability to overcome them.

She said she hopes to teach children and youth how to use social media in positive way. She came up with the idea of adopting “The One Day Ditch” plan once a week to unplug and refresh from devices like computers and cellphones.

“Our society is focused on social media” Steedman said, “and although it’s an amazing tool for us to use to speak our minds and affect change, it can be dangerous, particularly for young people who are susceptible to comparing themselves to the images of perfection on their screens.

“This day gives us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, to take a walk, read a book, to do whatever makes our souls happy, to reevaluate our social media goals, and to reflect on areas where we can improve during the next week.”

Cayden Sadler

Sadler is from Cheyenne, Oklahoma, and currently attends Cheyenne Middle School.

She showcased her talent of jazz dance as well as her platform of “Live Life, Give Life: Broadening Perceptions of Organ Donation” during the pageant.

Sadler’s platform, inspired by her mom who donated her kidney to her own mother, serves to promote the importance of becoming a living organ donor.

She plans to grow advocacy with Donate Life America’s Oklahoma chapter by hosting fundraisers and educating others, and by providing organ-shaped pillows to patients giving and receiving an organ donation.

“Ultimately, I want every Oklahoman to know that while everyone should strongly consider registering as an organ donor, living donation offers another choice for transplant candidates,” Sadler said. “These living donations save two lives: the recipient’s and the next patient.

Even better, kidney and liver patients who are able to receive a living donor transplant can receive the best quality organ much sooner, often in less than a year. I plan to educate, encourage and empower people to live life and give life through living organ donation.”