jerry whited

I seem to write a lot about speed: going beyond the limit, whether it’s in a residential area where children could be playing or riding their bicycles (adults too), or out on the highways. I guess it’s my pet peeve. There’s not too many who cruise the actual posted limit, but legislators even want to increase those numbers.

I read a while back what they do in Japan to control speed, and I guess they still do. There, every highway truck has three lights over the cab. One is yellow, one green and a red one. The yellow glows at 30 mph, and the green at 60, which is the posted speed for highways. If the speed goes over 60, the red light comes on. The patrol would be able to spot a speeder who becomes a sitting duck.

That might not be a bad idea, not just for trucks, but cars as well. The yellow light could burn up to 25 mph, the limit in most residential areas, then green up to 75, which is the interstate limit, and red thereafter (we might need lights for 55 and 65 as well). Just think, the police wouldn’t need to purchase radar equipment.

Of course, in Oklahoma pickups would have to be exempt.

But I’m sure there’d be an uproar about it, and one group would say it’s an intrusion into one’s privacy and protest. Everybody and his sister would be able to spot the law-breaker. Come to think of it, most of us can tell when someone is going beyond the bounds.

One thing I can’t figure out: Where is everyone going so fast?