Jo Potter is as crafty as she is creative.

The Owasso homemaker is skilled at all things sewing, cross-stitching, embroidering, crocheting and the like.

From quilts and dresser scarves to towels and baby blankets, Potter can be found hard at work in her home entwining different fabrics and materials into heartfelt designs.

She said a fascination for the arts at an earlier age led her to work with textiles later in life, including today, where she spends her days enjoying what she calls a commonly overlooked hobby.

“It’s just something that people don’t do hardly anymore,” Potter said. “It’s something that doesn’t go away, even at this day and time.”

What’s more, Potter, a cancer survivor of over a year, said she resorted to crafting as a means to cope in times of pain following her diagnosis and throughout her journey to recovery.

“It takes your mind off of things when you are hurting,” she said humbly.

Over the years, Potter has made hundreds of items, including at least 60 items this year. She said each of her designs can take anywhere from three weeks to three months to complete.

She has won over 60 awards for her work at dozens of state and county fairs. Her work is also displayed at several sites, including a stitching of The Last Supper at First Baptist Owasso’s Mission building.

Potter also colors pictures in her spare time as a fun activity when she’s not tending to textiles.

She has made it her goal to donate several of her pieces to different events such as weddings or craft shows as well as to veterans and the homeless in need.

“Knowing that I’m probably am going to end up giving (them) to someone who really needs it, has difficulty … I just enjoy doing it,” she said.