owasso character council

This month’s character trait is orderliness. Whether we realize it or not, each of us has character traits that come more natural or easier than others. And if you saw my desk, you would immediately know that this trait is a struggle for me.

I usually give myself a little bit of a break because I always think my mind is more organized than my desk. And organized thought processes are an important aspect of orderliness. But as life and work gets busier, I find that my mind can often feel as unorganized as my desk.

Reading about this month’s character trait in Strata Leadership’s publication article, “Remembering and Forgetting,” the point is made that in today’s society there is much information coming at us from many directions, information overload is almost inevitable, which can result in more frequent forgetting. As we reach information overload, our brains get selective in what is easily accessible.

One of the ways to overcome this overstimulation is by taking time to calm our mind. This can be accomplished by taking a moment to step back and let our mind relax by thinking about something else. Taking a couple of minutes to do this may seem unproductive, but a calm mind increases productivity by increasing the amount of information that can be processed.

Typically when we focus on the character trait of orderliness, I am reminded and encouraged to do better at maintaining the space around me, whether it is my work area, my home or my car. What this month’s trait has also helped me see is that when I forget where I laid my phone for the umpteenth time, I need to stop, take a moment to organize my thoughts, update my “to do” lists, and hit restart with a calm mind.

Orderliness in our space is important, because it keeps us from spending time searching for a lost item or missing information, and orderliness in our minds is important for our well-being and allows us to be at our best for ourselves and others.

It’s up to each of us to determine where our focus needs to be and take the necessary steps to create orderliness within ourselves and our surroundings.

You can learn more about Owasso’s Character Initiative at owassocharacter.org.