owasso police

Below is a list of Owasso and Collinsville arrests out of Tulsa County for Thursday, Aug. 8:

Jordan Lee Hurt, 20, of Owasso. Attempted first-degree murder, domestic abuse with great bodily injury, recommit/aggravated trafficking MDMA, recommit/poss/del CD with intent sched III IV V, recommit/poss CD sched I II-1st, recommit/destroy evidence.

Ramon Garcia, 22, of Tulsa. Booked by Owasso PD. FTA/speeding 1-10 mph over, FTA/seat belt violations, FTA/suspended driver’s license, FTA/insurance/security verification.

Michael David Darling, 28, of Owasso. Application to accelerate, FTP/poss CD.

Christopher Michael Nice, 29, of Owasso. FTA/other registration/title violations.

Travis James Brusveen, 25, of Collinsville. Poss MJ-1st, public intoxication, poss drug paraphernalia.

Stephanie L. Harrison, 22, of Collinsville. DUI-drugs-1st, speeding 1-10 mph over, poss MJ-1st, poss drug paraphernalia.

Casey Stan Graves, 46, of Collinsville. FTA all: no DL in poss while driving, reckless driving, transport open container, poss CD, poss CD methamphetamine, APC of vehicle while intoxicated.