owasso police

Friday, Aug. 9

Ramon Garcia, 22, of Tulsa. FTA/speeding 1-10 mph over, FTA/seat belt violations, FTA/drive under suspension, FTA/insurance/security verification.

Michael David Darling, 28, of Owasso. Application to accelerate, FTP/court cost.

Patrick David Hedges, 52, of Collinsville. Indirect contempt of court, review hrng.

Saturday, Aug. 10

Jeremy Matthews Johnson, 34, of Owasso. Poss firearm AFCF (x2), poss MJ with intent, poss drug paraphernalia, expired tag, no DL.

Gavontay S. Davis, 23, of Tulsa. Booked by Owasso PD. Grand larceny, assault and battery, FTA/court cost.

Martarius C. Collins, 38, of Owasso. FTP/court cost (x4), fugitive from justice, hold/Moore County, NY.

Laurietta Davis, 20, of Tulsa. Booked by Owasso PD. Grand larceny.

Tanisha Lashelle Hardridge, 46, of Tulsa. Booked by Owasso PD. Grand larceny.

Samuel Columbus Warren, 44, of Owasso. DUI-1st, F/T keep in proper lane, change lanes unsafely.

Holy Deanne Cloke, 33, of Romona. Booked by Owasso PD. Child endangerment, public intoxication.

Sunday, Aug. 11

Bryce Irvin Moeder, 42, of Muskogee. Booked by Owasso PD. Poss of CDS-cocain/meth/crack (x5), poss drug paraphernalia, seat belt violations, no DL.

Jonathan Phillip Jackson, 19, of Owasso. Poss MJ intent, poss drug paraphernalia, contribute to delinquency of a minor.

Dylan Tatum, 23, of Collinsville. Poss stolen vehicle.

Ginger Dawn Blevins, 52, of Collinsville. Poss forged instrument.

Audra Yvonne Lyon, 39, of Collinsville. Domestic assault and battery of minor-1st, obstruct/interfere with police officer, public intoxication.

Colten Levi Stevens, 23, of Collinsville. Application to accelerate.