Elected officers from Owasso and Collinsville FFA chapters got an opportunity to develop their leadership skills recently.

They participated in the 2019 Oklahoma FFA Chapter Officer Leadership Training Conference in Glenpool early last month.

The 15 students planned and conducted this year’s conference based on the theme, “What’s Next.”

Elected officers from each of the 91 high school FFA chapters in the northeast area received firsthand training that challenged them to stop reacting to problems as they occur and start anticipating them before they happen, said Drew Hardaway, state FFA president.

“As a state officer team, we believe it is important to ask FFA members what’s next and challenge them to take the next step as anticipatory leaders,” Hardaway said in a release.

“I believe that is one of the reasons Oklahoma FFA members are always able to perform at such a high level, because we are constantly challenging them not only to be good leaders, but great ones.”

Officers attending from the Owasso chapter included:

• Kayli Hasselbring, president

• Dallon Rogers, vice president

• Averee Murray, secretary

• Caylyn Cunningham, treasurer

• Caleb Snodgrass, reporter

• Callie Moseley, sentinel

• Jonathon Holloway, adviser

• Scott Nemecek, adviser

Officers attending from the Collinsville chapter included:

• Laney Branen, president

• Justin Branen, vice president

• Caysi Meyers, secretary

• Ashley Porter, treasurer

• Kelsi Thomas, reporter

• Austin Zobizsh, sentinel

• Jenifer Hamalin, adviser