rogers state university

Rogers State University, located at 1701 W. Will Rogers Blvd., in Claremore. Courtesy photo

Several local students were named to Rogers State University’s Dean’s and President’s honor rolls and graduate list this year.

In total, 53 Owasso students and 16 Collinsville students made the honor rolls, including 22 Owasso residents and nine Collinsville residents on the Dean’s List, and 31 Owasso residents and seven Collinsville residents on the President’s List.

To qualify for the Dean’s Honor Roll, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours with a 3.5 GPA (no grades lower than a “B”). To qualify for the President’s Honor Roll, students must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours with a 4.0 GPA (no grades lower than an “A”).

Courses graded with an “I,” “N” and “P” are excluded from the minimum credit hours required to be considered for the Honor Roll.

Additionally, 38 Owasso students and 13 Collinsville students were among nearly 500 students who earned degrees during the university’s commencement ceremonies in May.

RSU awarded 14 master’s degrees, 299 bachelor’s degrees and 175 associate degrees to students who successfully completed their course of study during the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters.

Dean’s List

Owasso: James Axsom, Elizabeth Bollinger, Amanda Bracken, Paige Collins, Andrew Delaney, Ashley Diaz, Brandon Dugan, Robert Enzbrenner, Janika Etter, Amber Frost, Derek Highfield, Sara Hoffpauir, Bailey Jarvis, Rachel Kehl, Kenzie Lamb, Braiden Lanser, Cordell Mertz, Valerie Pfeifer, Jonathan Prentice, Ashley Purcell, Ryan Rohloff, Cambry Standridge, Ambry Stewart, Shayla Stewart, Bailey Stringer, Miranda Thibodeau, Kirk Wahlgren, Jacob White, Alexander Wilbins, Kyle Young, Mackenzie Zodrow

Collinsville: Kendra Clark, Rylee DeLozier, Michayla Hamm, Elena Kolosha, Molly Rhames, Dylan Russell, Raymond Smith, Casey Vang, Zachary Wilson

President’s List

Owasso: Brittany Baker, Skylar Barnes, Kelsey Bellmyer, Dimitri Bologna, Brooks Cataudella, Alexander Chapman, Jarrod Cooper, Hannah Gray, Laura Gray, Lindsey Guercio, Zachary Harmon, Mya Hilderbrand, Ashley Hollars, Taylor Kurtz, Kayla Lee, Brenna McAllister, Quinn McCormick, Emily Parker, Kaleigh Revard, Clayton Sanders, Evan Wallace, Rebekah Wilson

Collinsville: Jake Brillhart, Sarah Cirilo, Lesa Cunningham, Megan Durant, William McCray, Bryce Sanchez, Madelyn Suitor

Graduate List

Owasso: Amanda Atencio, Associate Degree; Caleb Baca, Bachelor’s Degree; Donna Boyle, Associate Degree; Destiny Buchner, Bachelor’s Degree; Dustin Cook, Associate Degree; Colton Crocker, Master’s Degree; Emily Dake, Associate Degree; Morgan Dry, Bachelor’s Degree; Christian Duncan, Associate Degree; Emily Feamster, Bachelor’s Degree; Kaleb Garcia Jr., Bachelor’s Degree; Carrie Garrett, Bachelor’s Degree; Laura Gray, Bachelor’s Degree; Roman Gutierrez, Bachelor’s Degree; Andrew Hall, Bachelor’s Degree; Douglas Hall, Master’s Degree; Lauren Hasty, Associate Degree; Hannah Hull, Associate Degree; Bethany Kirby, Bachelor’s Degree; Cindy Kroll, Bachelor’s Degree; Joanna Lee, Associate Degree; Courtney Loewe, Associate Degree; Brenna McAllister, Bachelor’s Degree; Vito Munoz III, Bachelor’s Degree; Ashley Novar, Bachelor’s Degree; Rodney Osburn, Master’s Degree; Melchesidech Porter, Bachelor’s Degree; Ashley Purcell, Associate Degree; Ashley Purcell, Bachelor’s Degree; Justin Smith, Bachelor’s Degree; Shawna Smith, Bachelor’s Degree; Reagan Standridge, Bachelor’s Degree; Cody Stout, Bachelor’s Degree; Shane Turman, Bachelor’s Degree; Hannah Turner, Bachelor’s Degree; Andrea Ward, Bachelor’s Degree; Alexander Wilbins, Bachelor’s Degree; Lauren Wintle, Bachelor’s Degree

Collinsville: Joshua uchfink, Bachelor’s Degree; Jenna Buschmann, Bachelor’s Degree; Jared Cantrell, Bachelor’s Degree; Mickey Hayes, Bachelor’s Degree; Ashley Lankford, Associate Degree; Samantha Milgate, Bachelor’s Degree; Micaela Norris, Bachelor’s Degree; Emily Roberts, Bachelor’s Degree; Travis Routh, Associate Degree; Bethany Sowerby, Associate Degree; Adora Vang, Bachelor’s Degree; Douglas Walls, Associate Degree; Aaron Wilson, Bachelor’s Degree