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Students make there way to class at the Owasso 7th Grade Center. ART HADDAWAY/Owasso Reporter

Owasso Public Schools recently released information regarding 2019-20 returning student registration and new student enrollment.

Returning student registration

In May 2019, local parents received an email or letter that included an individualized SnapCode. This allows them fill out all pertinent information needed to register each student in their family who will return to Owasso schools for the new school year, beginning Aug. 22.

Step 1: Parents can access the online questions through the link in the email or enter the SnapCode here. Once they are logged in, they can answer the questions on each screen. They cannot register their student through Parent Portal.

Step 2: Parents can take a current gas/water/electric bill to the school at Registration or Schedule Pickup Time. Students entering 7th grade will also need to take documentation showing the TDAP booster shot.

If parents are living with another family and need the Temporary Resident Affidavit, they can access and print that form here. Affidavits are not transferable from previous years. They need a new affidavit for each new school year.

New student enrollment

To enroll a student who is new to OPS for the 2019-20 school year, parents will need to complete the following steps.

Note: Pre-K is a half-day program and class size is limited with spots filled on a first come, first serve basis. Kindergarten is a full-day program open to all students who meet the age requirement.

Step 1: Parents’ home address determines which elementary school their child will attend. They can click here and enter their home address to learn which school their child will attend. (Parents need to do this even if they had children enrolled in elementary school in past years. It is possible their school assignment has changed).

Step 2: Parents need to complete the online enrollment here. When they have answered all the questions and submitted the document, they will receive an email confirming the information has been submitted.

Step 3: After online enrollment is complete, parents will need to bring the following documents to the Enrollment Center:

• One of the following: A signed lease, general warranty deed, annual property tax statement, monthly mortgage statement or contract to build or purchase without contingency.

• A current full-page gas, water or electric bill that shows the service address. This requirement will be waived if parents bring the lease or deed to the Enrollment Center within 30 days of signing that document or if they have a signed contract to buy or build a home.

• For those living with another family, OPS needs #1 and #2 above and a Temporary Resident Affidavit here.

• Birth certificate. OPS must have an original state-certified birth certificate for Pre-K (age 4 on or before Sept. 1) or Kindergarten (age 5 on or before Sept. 1). For all other grades, a copy is acceptable.

• 9th -12th grade students must have a transcript from the previous school. The school counselor will need to see the transcript before a class schedule can be set.

• Immunization records from the previous school, a state health department or doctor’s office. Requirements for the state of Oklahoma are provided here.

• Guardianship or custody documents, if applicable.

• CDIB and/or tribal membership cards, if applicable.

• Parent or guardian’s driver license or government-issued photo ID.

Art is a seasoned reporter of over 15 years with an extended background in writing and editing for a variety of publications and organizations.