By Art Haddaway

Owasso is now home to a new consignment store.

The Turquoise Couch, located at 8751 N. 117th E. Ave., opened its doors at the beginning of November and features a variety of furniture and home décor items.

Owner Amy Cannon started the business in June 2018 out of her hometown of Claremore following a five-year period operating the Willow Tree Mall, an antique and clothing space in the city’s historic downtown.

In October of this year, Cannon decided to relocate to a bigger space after looking at other sites in areas like Pryor and Muskogee. It wasn’t long until she realized that Owasso was the right place for her.

“We were looking at the size of the town, what was the economy like, the location where we can put a new store; we shop over here a lot,” Cannon said. “We found Owasso would probably be the better place to go.”

Cannon nearly doubled her space in the transition, going from 3,800 square feet at the Claremore store to 7,100 square feet at the Owasso location.

The Turquoise Couch features a wide range of household items showcased by local vendors spanning from vintage and modern to western and farmhouse varieties.

Patrons can peruse tables and chairs, bedroom sets, dressers and cabinets, shelves, pillows and rugs, candles and keepsakes and more, as well as several holiday-themed pieces, with Christmas décor currently on display.

Cannon said she enjoys being a part of the local consignment scene, a trade that gives her the opportunity to not only help locals find the right furnishings for their home, but to share the sentiment behind each piece in a special way.

“We bring them in, we clean them up, consignors bring them in and tell us the stories behind them,” Cannon said, “and sometimes those stories, we pass on to whoever’s buying it, and those stories continue.”

Friends Katsy Smalygo and Reanna Phillips recently visited the store and said they enjoyed perusing the premises for new items together.

“We’ve been planning for it all week,” Smalygo said. “I come in here, I can decorate my whole house with this place, so I like it, they have a lot of cool things.”

Phillips added, “I’ve been sending my husband pictures the whole time we’ve been here. More of the western stuff, I like it, so does my husband.”

Joan Anderson, who has been a dedicated patron of the Turquoise Couch since it opened in Claremore, also weighed in about what she admires about the store.

“It’s a unique place. You don’t find things like this other places, and that’s why I come,” said Anderson, who now travels from Claremore to Owasso. “It’s just fun, and they always have something going on.”

When asked what it means to now be part of the Owasso community, Cannon replied, “We love the community, we love the families that we have met. Whenever they come in here, they’re going to feel like they’re at home.”

For more information about the Turquoise Couch, call 918-346-3194 or visit the store’s Facebook page.