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Q: Who would have thought such a tiny, unseen organism as COVID-19, could have such a global effect?

A: Proper cleaning measures can go a long way in preventing and arresting the virus in your homes and work places.

World Health Officials (WHO) have good information and guidelines to help us know how to avoid contamination.

Beyond social isolation, properly cleaning surfaces in your home can arrest the virus. Cleaning with the right products and techniques is vital. Soap and water work well. “ According to The Environmental Protection Agency, soap removes the viral particles that have attached themselves to surfaces so they can be washed away. Most of the cleaning products we call soap are actually detergents that not only remove the germs from surfaces, but also kill them.”

Antimicrobial disinfectants are effective products to use.

We recommend a good soaping of surfaces, a washing or wiping up the solution followed by an application of an antimicrobial disinfectant such as Pinesol, or a clorox wipe and let air dry. To kill virus pathogens requires an average disinfectant dwell time on the surface of 10 minutes.

Conscientious cleaning professionals will be prepared with masks and gloves while disinfecting your home. They will be educated on the latest updates that detail how to best clean surfaces, which products work and how to use them.

While the world may seem a bit upside down right now, there are lessons to be learned. Cleaning is not just a chore, but a healthy way of life. The Dirt Busters Are Us is prepared and ready to help you get through this difficult time.

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