jerry whited

I took my date (wife) to the movies the other day. That’s significant since we hardly go out to the theater any more. With so many films available on TV, and they’re free, it’s nice to stay home and cuddle.

The picture we took in was “Overcomer,” and it will be a while before it’s available on the small screen. We had heard from so many that it was such a good film that we wanted to take advantage while it was still playing locally.

It’s also a Christian production, which shouldn’t keep anyone from going because it’s as good and exciting as any produced by Hollywood. There’s no violence, unless you consider running as fast and hard that you almost pass out at the end as violent. There’s no bad language and there’s no sex, so you can take the family and not be worried about what they’ll see or hear.

Many churches and organizations in Texas were the backing for this offering. They have made other such movies that have been popular and well-attended.

The basketball coach has almost all his team move away when the main plant closes. He is offered to coach the cross country team, but he doesn’t know anything about the sport. When finally talked into it, he goes out for the first practice and his team consists of one girl, and she has asthma.

With all the violence, cursing and sex permeating our theater offering, and life itself, we do well to encourage more of this kind of screenings. It proves that a good, exciting story can be told in a positive manner.